BPS Talk Slides (in reverse chronological order).

Videos of online talks since June 2020 are on our youtube channel or are linked below.

Arvind Ayyer 2022-11-21 A multispecies totally asymmetric zero range process and Macdonald polynomials.

Nimisha Pahuja 2022-11-21 Correlations in the continuous multispecies TASEP and the Aas-Linusson conjecture.

Bhaswar Bhattacharya 2022-11-14 Nonparametric Inference and Geometric Probability: The Curious Case of Dimension 8

Hariharan Narayanan 2022-10-31 Large deviations for random hives and the spectrum of the sum of two matrices.     VIDEO

Neeraja Sahasrabudhe 2022-10-31 Interacting Urns on a Finite Graph     VIDEO

Debabrata Karmakar 2022-09-19 Some applications of optimal transportation problem in PDEs.     VIDEO

Ujjwal Koley 2022-09-19 Convex integration solutions for stochastic transport equation.     VIDEO

Lakshmi Priya 2022-09-12 A phase transition in the zero count of stationary Gaussian processes

Aditya Gopalan 2022-08-22 Value-based RL with function approximation and ε-greedy exploration: a differential inclusion analysis

Ramon van Handel 2022-08-12 Ashok Maitra Memorial Lectures

Arjun Krishnan 2022-06-17 Geometry of random geodesics     VIDEO

Ph.D. Students/Post-docs 2022-04-25     Short Talks

Antti Knowles 2022-04-111M    Spectral phases of Erdös-Rényi graphs

Alison Etheridge 2022-03-14    Spatial population models

Eliran Subag 2022-02-213M    The free energy of pure spherical models: computation from the TAP approach

Kesav Krishnan 2022-02-071M    Disordered Monomer Dimer Models on Cylinder Graphs

Soumendu Sunder Mukherjee 2022-02-072M    Learning under latent group sparsity via heat flow dynamics on networks

Maurizia Rossi 2022-01-241M    Nodal Length of Random Eigenfunctions: a Detailed Overview

Domenico Marinucci 2022-01-242M    The Geometry of Random Spherical Eigenfunctions

Saeda Marello 2021-12-061M    Metastability for the Curie-Weiss model on inhomogeneous random graphs: results and challenges

Elena Pulvirenti 2021-12-061M    Metastability for the dilute Curie-Weiss model with Glauber dynamics

Sumit Mukerjee 2021-11-221M    Persistence exponent for Gaussian Stationary Processes.

Riddhipratim Basu 2021-11-081M    A non-technical introduction to the Liouville quantum gravity metric.

Riddhipratim Basu 2021-11-081M    Environment seen from infinite geodesics in Liouville quantum gravity.

Sarah Penington 2021-10-1816M    Genealogy of the N-particle branching random walk with polynomial tails.

Bálazs Ráth 2021-10-041M    Percolation of worms - I

Sándor Rokob 2021-10-042M    Percolation of worms - II

Sayantan Chakraborty 2021-09-065M    Improved Bounds for Perfect Sampling of k-Colorings in Graphs.

Sarath Yasodharan 2021-05-031M    Large deviations of mean-field interacting particle systems in a fast varying environment.

Gugan Thoppe 2021-05-03 1M    Active Cases and Disease Extinction in the Stochastic SIR Model: Estimates with Probabilistic Guarantees.

Kunwoo Kim 2021-04-1915M    Phase Analysis for a family of Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Equations.

Mohammud Foondun 2021-04-191 M    Some non-existence results for the stochastic wave equation.

Justin Salez 2021-04-121 M    An entropic interpretation of the cutoff phenomenon for finite Markov chains.                                         VIDEO AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.

Subhajit Ghosh 2021-02-151 M    Total variation cutoff for the flip-transpose top with random shuffle.

M. E. Lakshmi Priya 2021-02-151 M    Overcrowding estimates for nodal volume of stationary Gaussian processes (SGPs) on R^d.

Aron Wennman Chat 2021-02-015 M    The forbidden region for random zeros: appearance of quadrature domains.

Alon Nishry Chat 2021-02-011 M    Gaussian complex zeros: conditional distribution on rare events.

Rajesh Sundaresan Chat 2020-12-091 M    Sero-Survey in Karnataka State: Summary, Design, and Statistical Methodology.

Siva Athreya HTML Chat 2020-12-091 M    Sero-Survey in Karnataka State: Summary, Design, and Statistical Methodology.

Radoslaw Adamczak Chat 2020-12-021 M    Functional inequalities and moment estimates.

D. Yogeshwaran Chat 2020-11-255M    Sharp phase transition and noise sensitivity in continuum percolation via continuous time decision trees.

Ryoki Fukushima Chat 2020-11-041M    Annealed random walk conditioned on survival among Bernoulli obstacles

Manjunath Krishnapur Chat 2020-10-214M    Two proofs of the KMT theorems

Rahul Roy 2020-10-071M    On models of evolution of species

Joseph Yukich 2020-09-232.3M    Convex Hulls of Random Point Sets

Stephen Muirhead Chat 2020-09-161M    On the number of level sets of smooth Gaussian fields-II

Dmitry Belyaev Chat 2020-09-1610M    On the number of level sets of smooth Gaussian fields-I

Hao Wu 2020-08-264.8M    Crossing Probabilities in 2D Critical Lattice Models

Parthanil Roy Chat 2020-08-121M    Group measure space construction, ergodicity and $W^*$-rigidity for stable random fields

Antar Bandyopadhyay Chat 2020-08-121M    A Last Progeny Modified Branching Random Walk

Manan Bhatia 2020-07-291M    Moderate deviation estimates in stationary last passage percolation.

Christoph Thaele Chat 2020-07-154.9M    Topics in spherical stochastic geometry-II

Zakhar Kabluchko Chat 2020-07-152.5M    Topics in spherical stochastic geometry-I

Anish Ghosh Chat 2020-07-019.9M    A panoramic view of modern ergodic theory

Siva Athreya Chat 2020-06-243.4M    Small ball probabilities and a support theorem for the stochastic heat equation - I

Mathew Joseph Chat 2020-06-242.6M   Small ball probabilities and a support theorem for the stochastic heat equation - II

Aditya & Manjunath Talks Chat 2020-06-10    COVID testing: Insights from modeling and practice and Our Experiments with the Ground Truth. Video
Mukund Thattai Chat2020-06-106.7M    The emergence of first-order exponential behaviour in complex compartmental models. Video
Rajesh Sundaresan Chat2020-06-102.3M    Agent-based simulators for the study of COVID-19 spread. Video

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