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B.Math (Hons.) I Year effective from 2021-22 [Top]
Elementary Number Theory
Fundamentals of Computing and Programming
Introduction to Statistics and Computation with Data
Linear Algebra I
Linear Algebra II
Numerical Computing Probability I
Probability II
Real Analysis I
Real Analysis II

B.Math (Hons.) II Year [Top]
Analysis of Several Variables
Classical Mechanics
Discrete Mathematics I
Group Theory
Introduction to Linear Models and Regression
Introduction to Statistical Inference
Ordinary Differential Equations
Rings and Modules

B.Math (Hons.) III Year [Top]
Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic Topology
Analysis on Graphs
Complex Analysis
Data Structures and Algorithms
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Differential Geometry and Lie Groups
Differential Topology
Economics I
Field and Galois Theory
Function Spaces
Games, Graphs and Algebra
Geometric Group Theory
Introduction to Stochastic Processes
Probability III
Representation Theory of Finite Groups
Special Topics: Harmonic Analysis
B.Math (Hons.) I Year effective until 2020-21 [Top]
Algebra I
Algebra II
Analysis I
Analysis II
Computer Science I
Physics I
Probability Theory I
Probability Theory II
Writing of Mathematics

B.Math (Hons.) II Year [
Algebra III
Algebra IV
Analysis III
Computer Science II
Graph Theory
Physics II
Statistics I
Statistics II

B.Math (Hons.) III Year [
Algebraic Geometry
Analysis IV
Combinatorics & Graph Theory
Complex Analysis
Computer Science III
Computer Science IV
Differential Equations
Differential Geometry I
Differential Geometry II
Economics I
Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory
Introduction to Differential Topology
Introduction to Stochastic Processes (Probability III)
Mathematics of Computation
Mathematical Morphology and Applications
Physics IV
Physics III
Representation Theory
Statistics III
Statistics IV
Statistics V
Topics in Applied Stochastic Processes

M. Math I Year effective from 2021-22 [
Algebra I
Algebra II
Analysis of Several Variables
Complex Analysis
Functional Analysis
Linear Algebra
Measure Theory
Number Theory
Topology I
Topology II

M. Math II Year [
Advanced Linear Algebra
Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic Number Theory
Analytic Number Theory
Commutative Algebra I
Differential Geometry I
Differential Topology
Elliptic Curves
Fourier Analysis
Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Markov Chains
Partial Differential Equations
Probability Theory
Representation Theory of Finite Groups
Special Topics - Class Field Theory
Special Topics - Geometry: Harmonic maps
Special Topics - Quantitative Finance
Special Topics - Computer Science IV
Special Topics - Vector Bundles and Characteristic classes
Topics in Discrete Probability
Topology III

M. Math I Year effective until 2020-21 [
Algebra I
Algebra II
Analysis of Several Variables
Complex Analysis
Differential Geometry I
Functional Analysis
Linear Algebra
Measure Theoretic Probability
Topology I
Topology II

M. Math II Year [
Advanced Functional Analysis
Advanced Number Theory
Advanced Probability
Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic Number Theory
Basic Probability Theory
Commutative Algebra I
Compact Riemann Surfaces
Data Structures and Algorithms
Differential Geometry II
Differential Topology
Ergodic Theory
Fourier Analysis
Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Introduction to Elliptic Curves and Modular forms
Lie Groups & Lie Algebra
Markov Chains
Number Theory
Operator Theory
Partial Differential Equations
Quantum Mechanics II
Random walk on graphs
Random Graphs and Limits
Simple Groups and Geometry
Statistical Learning Theory
Stochastic Processes
Theory of Large Deviations
Topics in Discrete Probability
Topics in Gaussian Processes
Topology III
Topology IV

MSQMS I Year [

Applied Regression Analysis
Capability Maturity Models
Data Base Management
Game Theory
Industrial Experimentation
Markov Analysis & Modelling
Multivariate Data Analysis
Management Information System
Marketing Research
Neural Network
Operations Research I
Operations Research II
Project Management
Pattern Recognition
Reliability Maintainability & Safety I
Reliability Maintainability & Safety II
Statistics for Decision Making I
Statistics for Decision Making II
Statistical Process Control I
Statistical Process Control II

Nonlinear Programming & Dynamic Programming
Quality Audit
Supply Chain Management
Software Reliability
Six Sigma
Support Vector Machines
Total Quality Management
Trouble Shooting & Problem Solving

MS LIS I Year effective from 2021-22 [
Foundations of Library and Information Science
Information Organisation
Cataloguing and Metadata
Information Sources, Systems and Services
Foundations of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Library Management and Automation
Digital Libraries
Knowledge Management
Elements of Mathematics and Statistics
Colloquium and Study of Subject

Information Retrieval
Content Management Systems
Data Management
Research Methodology and Technical Writing
Scientometrics and Informetrics
Web Based Information Systems and Services
Semantic Web
Geographic Information System
Health Informatics
Data and Text Mining

MSLIS I Year effective until 2020-21 [
Foundations of Library & Information Science
Information Organization
Cataloguing & Metadata
Library Management & Library Automation
Foundations of Computers & Information Technology
Elements of Mathematics I
Information Sources Systems & Services
Elements of Statistics & Research Methodology
Digital Libraries
Data Structures & Computer Programming
Elements of Mathematics II

Information Storage Retrieval & DBMS
Content Management Systems
Informetrics & Scientometrics
Web Technology & Web-based Information Services
Networking Technology & Library Networks
Knowledge Management
Semantic Web
Data & Text Mining

Ph.d. Courses [
Algebra I
Analysis I
Topology I

Notes on Special Topics [
Author: Arup Pal
  • K-Theory notes

    Author: V. Pati
  • Basic Algebraic Geometry
  • Elliptic Complexes and Index Theory
  • Notes on Intersection Homology
  • Notes on Riemannian Geometry
  • Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and the beginning of Algebraic Geometry
  • Some basic facts about Algebraic curves
  • Punctured Plane
  • Mobius Strip
  • Quaternions And Rotations in 3 - Space

    Author: K. Rama Murthy (Please visit for lecture notes, problem collections etc.)
  • Infinitely Divisible and Stable Distributions
  • Fixed Point Theorems
  • Problems in Complex Analysis
  • Caratheodory
  • Compactness
  • Distributions
  • Fourier
  • Functional Analysis
  • Measure Theory
  • Vector Measures
  • Gamma Zeta
  • Passwords
  • Problems In Real Analysis
  • Uncertainity Principle
  • Ergodic Theory
  • Stone Weierstrass Theorem
  • Gelfand Naimark Theorem
  • Fourier Analysis On Groups
  • Anti Calculus Theorem
  • Jordan Curve Theorem
  • RADOs Theorem

    Author: S.Ramasubramanian
  • Brownian Motion
  • Diffusions and the Martingale Problem of Stroock and Varadhan
  • Some Aspects of Large Deviations
  • Stochastic Differential Equations with Constant Dispersion
  • Poisson Processes and Insurance: an introduction
  • Large Deviations: an introduction to the Abel prize

    Author: S.M. Srivastava
  • Classical Descriptive Set Theory
  • Forcing Relative Consistency of ZFC+GCH
  • Constructible Sets

    Author: B. Sury
  • Very basic group theory.
  • Very basic algebraic number theory
  • Lectures on commutative ring theory.
  • Ramanujan's route to roots.
  • Congruence subgroup problem.
  • Existence and uniqueness of groups for root data.
  • Primes and Riemann Hypothesis.
  • Algorithms in algebraic number theory.
  • Bringing the inner product out
  • Leaving no Stone unturned.
  • Public key cryptography and elliptic curves.
  • The prime ordeal.
  • (with A.Raghuram) Groups acting on trees.
  • Absolute values and completions in brief.
  • Elliptic curves over finite fields.
  • (with D.S.Nagaraj) A quick introduction to algebraic geometry and elliptic curves.
  • (with D.S.Nagaraj) Mordell-Weil theorem.
  • Combinatorial group theory.
  • Polynomials with integer values.
  • (with B.K.Sahoo) What is the Burnside problem ?.


  • [Indian Statistical Institute]