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Course: Quality Audit
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus: Introduction to Quality audit: Quality management principles; Role of audit for quality assurance and Quality management; Terms and vocabulary ISO 9000-2005.
System audits: Audit types Compliance and adequacy audits Internal and external audits; Auditors qualifications; Audit cycle Audit planning Audit steps reporting actions Follow ups; Guidelines for quality and/or environmental systems, auditing ISO 19011: 2002; QMS and EMS audits for ISO 9001 2008 and ISO 14000 2004.
Sector specific audits: Auditing for compliance to TL 9000 telecommunications specific requirements and TS16949 automotive specific requirements; Audit for IT and IT enabled system, Introduction to CMM auditing, BPO/Call Center Performance Audit COPC-2000 standard.
Safety audits: Scope and purpose, Conducting safety audits; safety audit check lists; Safety audits for OHSAS 18001:2007.
Introduction to Product auditing: Scope and purpose; Stages of evaluation Designing the audit plan- sampling- Action on discrepancies, Product audits manual, product auditors, CE marking.

Reference Texts:
1. The Quality Audit Handbook: By ASQ Quality Audit Division, ASQ quality press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2. The Quality Audit: A Management Evaluation Tool: By Charles A. Mills, ASQC publication.
3. Internal Quality Auditing: Meeting the Challenge of ISO 9000:2000: By William A. Stimson, (Paton Press, 2001).
4. Internal Quality Auditing: By Denis Pronovost, ASQ publication, ASQ Quality Press.
5. ISO 9001:2008 Small Changes Big Opportunities: By Nigel H. Croft , ebook
6. Measuring effectiveness and suitability of a quality system: By Chaudhuri A K and Acharya U H, Total Quality Management (UK) March 2000, Vol 11 No 2, pp149 153

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