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Course: Writing of Mathematics
Level: Undergraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus (non-credit half-course): The aim of this (non-credit) course is to improve the writing skills of students while inculcating an awareness of mathematical history and culture. The instructor may choose a book, like the ones listed below, and organize class discussions. Students will then be assigned five formal writing assignments (of 8 to 10 pages each) related to these discussions. These will be corrected, graded and returned.

Reference Texts:

1. J. Stillwell: Mathematics and Its History, Springer UTM
2. W. Dunham, Euler: The Master of Us All, Mathematical Association of America
3. W. Dunham: Journey Through Genius, Penguin Books
4. M. Aigner and M. Ziegler: Proofs From The Book, Springer
5. A. Weil: Number Theory, An Approach Through History from Hammurapi to Legendre

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