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Course: Statistics I
Instructor: Siva Athreya
Room: G26
Level: Undergraduate
Time: Currently offered
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Syllabus: Introduction to Statistics with examples of its use; Descriptive statistics; Graphical representation of data: Histogram, Stem-leaf diagram, Box-plot; Exploratory statistical analysis with a statistical package; Basic distributions, properties; Model fitting and model checking: Basics of estimation, method of moments, Basics of testing, interval estimation; Distribution theory for transformations of random vectors; Sampling distributions based on normal populations: t, x2 and Fx distributions. Bivariate data, covariance, correlation and least squares.

References Texts:
1. Lambert H. Koopmans: An introduction to contemporary statistics
2. David S Moore and William I Notz: Statistics Concepts and Controversies
3. David S Moore, George P McCabe and Bruce Craig: Introduction to the Practice of Statistics
4. Larry Wasserman: All of Statistics. A Concise Course in Statistical Inference
5. John A. Rice: Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis.

Midterm Exam 20 marks
Assignment 30 marks
Final Exam 50 marks
Total 100 marks

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