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Course: Economics I
Instructor: Madhura Swaminathan
Room: EAU Seminar room
Level: Undergraduate
Time: Currently offered
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Syllabus: Introduction to Economics: Micro and Macro Economics -
Micro Economics: Welfare Economics: Supply and Demand, Elasticity; Consumption and Consumer behaviour; Production and Theory of costs. Market Organisation: Competition, Monopoly.
Macro Economics: National income accounting, demand and supply. Simple Keynesian model and extensions. Consumption and Investment. Inflation and Unemployment.Fiscal policy Money, banking and finance.

Reference Texts:
1. Intermediate Microeconomics by Hal Varian
2. Microeconomic Theory by Richard Layard and A.A. Walter
3. Microeconomics in Context by N. Goodwin, J. Harris, J. Nelson, B. Roach and M. Torras
4. Microeconomics: behavior, institutions, and evolution by Bowles S
5. Macroeconomics by N. G. Mankiw
6. Macroeconomics by R Dornbusch and S Fisher
7. Macroeconomics in context by N Goodwin, J Harris, J Nelson, B Roach and M Torras

Midterm Exam 40 marks
Assignment 10 marks
Final Exam 50 marks
Total 100 marks

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