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Course: Digital Libraries
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Module 1: Open Access to Information
Unit 01: Scholarly Communication and Open Access to Information Movement; OAI Declarations
Unit 02: Study of Sherpa: Romeo and Juliet
Unit 03: Introduction to Digital Library; Historical Development
Unit 04: Digital/Institutional Repositories, International and National Initiatives
Unit 05: Registry of Digital Repositories: OpenDoar; GetaGrainger;
Unit 06: Ethical Issues in Digital Libraries

Module 2: Digitisation
Unit 07: Digitization: Hardware and Software; Best Practices for Digitisation
Unit 08: File Formats, Open Standards

Module 3: Digital Library Software
Unit 09: Features of Digital Library Software, Comparative study

Module 4: Standards and Protocols
Unit 10: Open Standards and Interoperability
Unit 11: Metadata, Dublin Core and Qualified Dublin Core
Unit 12: OAI-PMH, OAI-ORE, RSS/Atom feeds
Unit 13: Persistent Identifiers - DOI and CNRI, handles, ARCID

Module 5: Digital Repository Management
Unit 14: Digital Library Architectures
Unit 15: Planning and Implementation
Unit 16: Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Unit 17: Copyright and license issues; Creative Commons

Module 6: DSpace
Unit 18: DSpace Introduction
Unit 19: DSpace Administration: Content Organisation; E-people; Workflow
Unit 20: Harvesting : OAI-PMH and OAI-ORE
Module 7: DSpace Practicals
Unit 21: DSpace Administration
Unit 22: Installation; dspace/local.cfg
Unit 23: MultiLingual Interface; Customisation of Themes, Cron Jobs
Unit 24: Persistent Identifiers; Permissions in DSpace; Embargo configuration
Unit 25: Discovery in DSpace
Unit 26: Harvesting : OAI-PMH and OAI-ORE
Unit 27: Input forms customisation
Unit 28: Backup, Export, Import, AIP
Unit 29: DSpace Statistics
Unit 30: Curation in DSpace
Unit 31: Sword2; REST
Unit 32: DSpace Commads

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