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Course: Health Informatics
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Module 1: Introduction to Health Informatics
Unit 01: Introduction to health informatics and its significance
Unit 02: Definitions and key concepts in health informatics
Unit 03: Background disciplines, historical overview, and future challenges
Unit 04: Introduction to knowledge hierarchy: Data, information, and knowledge
Unit 05: The definitions of healthcare data and information
Unit 06: Types of healthcare information (internal versus external data and information)
Unit 07: Introduction to Project Management and Evaluation of Public Health Informatics Systems; Patients Monitoring Systems (PMS); Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS); Elec tronic Health Records (EHR) tools
Unit 08: Personal Health records and Decision aids
Unit 09: Health Literacy and Digital Divide Issues, Ethics in Health Informatics
Unit 10: The major purposes of maintain patient records
Unit 11: The content and uses of patient records and claim content
Unit 12: The common issues related to healthcare data quality
Unit 13: The challenges associated with measuring and ensuring healthcare data quality
Unit 14: Quality assessment including total quality management and data quality
Unit 15: Introduction to biomedical research and publicly available resources
Module 2: National Landscape of History of Healthcare Information System
Unit 16: The major influences shaping the health IT landscape in India
Unit 17: The major events that have influences the adoption of health IT and systems
Unit 18: History and evolution of healthcare information systems (HCIS)
Unit 19: The major advances in information technology
Module 3: Standards in Health Informatics
Unit 20: Introduction to standards
Unit 21: The Need for Health Informatics Standards
Unit 22: Major types of healthcare information standards such as HL7
Unit 23: The importance of healthcare IT standards to the future of the health care delivery system
Module 4: Knowledge management system and Organizing Health IT services
Unit 24: Introduction to knowledge management in health care department
Unit 25: Knowledge discovery, Data Mining and Data Forecasting in Public Health
Unit 26: Knowledge management and decision making support in biomedicine
Unit 27: The roles, responsibilities, and major functions of the IT department in healthcare organizations
Unit 28: Clinical data analytics, Big Data in Healthcare and visualization

Reference Texts:
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