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Course: Statistical Process Control II
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus: Advanced SPC Techniques: Dominance System Concept of Process & dominance patterns with examples, also explain the different types of process control techniques to be used in each case with examples & exercises. Process Capability calculation for Non Normal, Clemants method. Implementing Control Chart and Out of Control Action Plan Steps for implementation of control chart for on line process monitoring with out of control action plan. Group control chart for multiple stream processes. Control chart for short run processes. Interface and integration between SPC and EPC (Engineering Process Control. Multivariate Control Chart Formation, examples with exercises.
Taguchis On line QC Technique: Taguchis Loss Function and quality level definition & calculation of loss function for different types of quality characteristics. On line quality control system and method of process improvement calculation of beta correction factor by ANOVA method & implementation of the same with examples & exercises.
Acceptance Sampling: Continuous Sampling Plans (CSP1, CSP2), Multilevel Plans. Special purpose plans Chain Sampling and Skip lot sampling plans. Introduction to Bayesian sampling plans use of past data Using Military standards for multiattribute situation- recent development.

Reference Texts:
1. Introduction to statistical quality control: By D.C. Montgomery 4th Edition, John Wiley & Sons.Inc.
2. Multivariate Q C in Encyclopedia of statistical sciences, Vol. 6: Edited by WL Johnson, S Kotz, John Wiley, N.Y.
3. Quality Control and Industrial Statistical: By A J Duncan, 5th Edition, Irwin, Homewood, Ille.
4. Principle of Quality Control: By Jery Banks, John Wiley.
5. Encyclopedia and Handbook of Process Capability Indices - A Comprehensive Exposition of Quality Control Measures-Series on Quality, Reliability and Engineering Statistics Vol. 12: By W. L. Pearn and Samuel Kotz, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. ( Available on line ) [ Addition]

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