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Course: Partial Differential Equations
Time: Currently not offered
Level: Postgraduate
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Syllabus: Theory of Schwartz distributions and Sobolev spaces; local solvability and Lewys example; existence of fundamental solutions for constant coefficient differential operators; Laplace, heat and wave equations, hypoelliptic and analytic hypoelliptic operators, elliptic boundary value problems interior regularity,local existence.

Suggested Texts :
1. G. B. Folland, Introduction to partial differential equations, Princeton University Press (1995); reprinted Prentice Hall of India.
2. F. Trs, Basic linear partial differential equations, Pure and Applied Mathematics (62), Academic Press (1975).
3. J. Rauch, Partial differential equations, GTM (128), Springer-Verlag (1991).
4. E. DiBenedetto, Partial differential equations, Birkhauser (1995).
5. L. C. Evans, Partial differential equations, Graduate Studies in Mathematics (19), AMS (1998).
6. L. Hormander, The analysis of linear partial differential operators. I. Distribution theory and Fourier analysis., Springer-Verlag (1990).

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