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Course: Differential Equations
Instructor: C R E Raja
Room: Second floor auditorium
Level: Undergraduate
Time: Currently offered
Website: teaching
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Syllabus: Ordinary differential equations - first order equations, Picards theorem (existence and uniqueness of solution to first order ordinary differential equation), Second order linear equations - second order linear differential equations with constant coefficients, Systems of first order differentialequations, Equations with regular singular points, Introduction to power series and power series solutions, Special ordinary differential equations arising in physics and some special functions (eg. Bessels functions, Legendre polynomials, Gamma functions). Partial differential equations - elements of partial differential equations and the three equations of physics i.e. Laplace, Wave and the Heat equations, at least in 2 - dimensions. Lagranges method of solvingfirst order quasi linear equations.

Reference Texts:
1. G.F. Simmons:Differential Equations
2. R. Haberman: Elementary applied partial differential equations
3. R. Dennemeyer: Introduction to partial differential equations and boundary value problems

Midterm Exam 30 marks
Assignment 20 marks
Final Exam 50 marks
Total 100 marks

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