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Course: Foundations of Library and Information Science
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Module 1: Introduction to Library and Information Science
Unit 01: Meaning, Definition, Importance of data, information, knowledge
Unit 02: History and Evolution of libraries
Unit 03: Ancient period: writing media

Module 2: Evolution of Information Science
Unit 04: Evolution of Information Science as a discipline and its relation with cognitive sciences, library science, computer sciences and other disciplines, Spiral of scientific method
Unit 05: Library Education: National and International

Module 3: Library as a Social Institution
Unit 06: Library as a social institution; Role of Libraries in national and human development
Unit 07: Role of Libraries in Information, Recreation and Community Infor- mation
Unit 08: Changing role of Library and Information Centres in Society
Unit 09: Information Industry-Generators, Providers and Intermediaries

Module 4: Normative Principles of Library and Information Science
Unit 10: Normative principles
Unit 11: Five Laws of Library Science

Module 5: Types of Libraries and their functions
Unit 12: Academic Libraries
Unit 13: Public and National Libraries
Unit 14: Special Libraries

Module 6: Library Development and National Initiatives
Unit 15: National Information Policy, Development of Libraries in India
Unit 16: Digital Divide and Information Literacy

Module 7: Memory Institutions
Unit 17: Memory Institutions: Libraries, Archives, Museums and Art Galleries
Unit 18: Memory of the world– UNESCO, others such as Europeana

Module 8: Information and Communication
Unit 19: Information and communication; Models, channels and barriers; Trends in scientific communication

Module 9: Library Legislation and Library Related Acts
Unit 20: Library legislation: Concept, need and purpose
Unit 21: Public library legislations in India
Unit 22: Press and Registration Act
Unit 23: Delivery of Books and Newspapers Act
Unit 24: Intellectual Property Rights(IPR)
Unit 25: National Information Policy

Module 10: National and international library networks
Unit 26: Library resource sharing and Consortia
Unit 27: National networks: DELNET, INFLIBNET
Unit 28: International networks e.g., AGRIS, INIS

Module 11: LIS Professional Organisation and their Roles
Unit 29: Philosophy of librarianship and professional ethics
Unit 30: The Information Profession and professional bodies
Unit 31: Professional organisations such as: ALA, IFLA, ASLIB, ILA, IASLIC, IATLIS; Others: LoC, OCLC
Unit 32: Noteworthy Libraries and their roles: National Libraries, British Mu- seum Libraries, Library of Congress, UNESCO and its activities in information sector.

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