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Course:Management Information System
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus: Overview of MIS: Financial / marketing / sales / production / quality information system. Strategic and operational implications of MIS.
Definition of MIS: MIS as a combination of measurement systems. Basics of data, information, knowledge, action ability. Characteristics of a good MIS providing reliable information on time, ensuring synergy between measurements and goals, configuring new reports.
Controlling cost of information systems and measuring its effectiveness.
Concepts of measurement: Measurement validity, scales of measurement, measurement as a process, data quality issues related to measurement / reporting.
Introduction to UML as a tool for specification and design.
Specifying an information system: Elicitation of requirements, analysis and preparation of specification, ensuring refutability / testability, concept of use cases to describe a system.
Design / architecture of an information system: Decomposing a system. Concepts of decoupling. Judging the quality of design / architecture in particular measures of extensibility and flexibility.
Introduction to ER / EER diagrams, decomposition of a database.
Testing an information system: Designing tests for both functional and non-functional requirements. Assessment of quality of developed system. Performance / load testing.
Human, legal, ethical and security aspects of information systems.
Management and control of system development: Estimation of effort and schedule, methodologies of routine monitoring and status reporting, concept and computation of productivity in the context of information system development including measurement of size, preliminary project management tools, measurement and control / mitigation of risks associated with development of information systems.
Emerging technologies and their impact on MIS.
Introduction to ERP systems.
Case examples and actual design of MIS.

Reference Texts:
1. Software Engineering: A Practitioners Approach: By Roger Pressman, McGraw Hill International; 7th Edition.
2. Integrated Approach to Software Engineering: By Jalote Pankaj, Springer ; 3rd Edition.
3. UML Distilled: By Martin Fowler, Addison Wesley Professional; 3rd Edition.
4. Guide to Analysing Companies: By Bob Vause (The Economist), Bloomberg Press; 5th Edition.
5. Mastering the requirement process: By James Robertson and Suzanne Robertson, Addison Wesley Professional; 2nd Edition.
6. Statistics and the theory of measurement: By D T Hand, Journal of Royal Statistical Society, Series A, Vol. 159, no. 3, 1996
7. A measurement model of strategic planning: By Brian K Boyd & Elke Reuning-Elliott, Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 19, 1998
8. Software Measurement: By A Necessary Bias by Norman Fenton, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Vol. 20, No. 3, 1994
9. Ackoffs Best His Classic Writings on Management: By Russell L Ackoff, John Wiley & Sons, Part I (Systems)

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