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Course: Game Theory
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus: Introduction: Introduction to Game theory and its applications Examples of different kind of games.
Non-cooperative game: Two person zero-sum game, Solution approach by graphical method and LP method. Bimatrix game, Concept of Nash equilibrium and its computation using Lemke-Howson algorithm.
Introduction to stochastic game with examples: Classes of two-person zero-sum structured stochastic games.
Cooperative games: Introduction to Cooperative games. Solution concepts such as core, Shapley value, nucleolus etc.

Reference Texts:
1. Game Theory: By Guillermo Owen, Academic Press.
2. Game Theory for Economists: By Jurgen Eichberger, Academic Press.
3. Competitive Markov Decision Processes: By Filar, J., A. and Vrieze, O.J. (1997). Springer, New York

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