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Course: Physics II
Level: Undergraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus (Thermal physics and Optics): Kinetic theory of Gases; Ideal Gas equation; Maxwells Laws for distribution of molecular speeds. Introduction to Statistical mechanics; Specification of state of many particle system; Reversibility and Irreversibility; Behavior of density of states; Heat and Work; Macrostates and Microstates; Quasi static processes; State function; Exact and Inexact differentials; First Law of Thermodynamics and its applications; Isothermal and Adiabatic changes; reversible, irreversible, cyclic processes; Second law of thermodynamics; Carnots cycle. Absolute scale of temp; Entropy; Joule Thomson effect; Phase Transitions; Maxwells relations; Connection of classical thermodynamics with statistical mechanics; statistical interpretation of entropy.; Third law of Thermodynamics.

Optics: Light as a scalar wave; superposition of waves and interference; Youngs double slit experiment; Newtons rings; Thin films; Diffraction; Polarization of light;transverse nature of light waves.

References Texts:
1. F.Reif: Statistical and Thermal physics
2. Kittel and Kroemer: Thermal Physics
3. Zeemansky and Dittman: Heat and Thermodynamics
4. Jenkins and White: Optics

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