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Course: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Level: Undergraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus: Basics of Algortihm Analysis: Models of computation, asymptotic order of growth, algorithm analysis, time and space complexity, average and worst case analysis, lower bounds.
Algorithm design techniques: Greedy algorithms, Divide and conquer, dynamic pro- gramming, amortization, randomization.
Complexity classes: Problem classes P, NP, PSPACE; reducibility, NP-hard and NP complete problems. Approximation algorithms for some NP-hard problems.

Reference Texts:

(a) T. H.Cormen, C.E.Leiserson, R.L.Rivest, C. Stein: Introduction to Algorithms
(b) J. Kleinberg and E. Tardos: Algorithm Design
(c) R. Sedgewick and P. Flajolet: Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms
(d) R. Sedgewick: Algorithms
(e) A. Aho, J. Hopcroft and J. Ullmann: Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
(f) M. Sipser: Introduction to the Theory of Computation
(g) S. S. Skiena: The algorithm Design Manual

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