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Course: Colloquium and Study of Subject
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Colloquia are conducted periodically where the students give presentations on a given topic. The colloquium can be in the form of presentation of different aspects of a topic or debate mode. The idea behind such a debate is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an idea/concept/theory. Depending on the performance of each student, the faculty in-charge of the colloquia awards marks. Total marks: 50

Study of Subject
Study of Subject (SoS) is a formal methodology to understand a domain in order to be able to provide information resources and services in that domain. SoS includes primary, secondary and tertiary sources of information on a given subject. In addition to the various sources of information, the study also covers all the aspects of Infor- mation sources and products. This would serve as a precursor to the third semester project which expects a student to build a subject gateway.

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Past Exams

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