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Course: Library Management and Library Automation
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus: Library as a System; Components and subsystems of a Library and their inter-relationships; Library Housekeeping operations -- Acquisition and Collection Development: policy, procedures, Document circulation-functions, procedures, and methods, Serials control-functions, procedures and methods, Stock verification; Organizational structure, Library Authority and Library Committee. Systems analysis, workflow and organizational routines, monitoring, techniques, evaluation techniques, Library automation software. Schools of Management thought classical management theory. Neo-classical theory, modern management theory, problems and conflicts in management theories. Principles of management. Management functions planning, organizing, staffing, leading, Budgeting and controlling. Human Resource Management personnel management and manpower planning. Human Resource Management: Delegation, communication and participation, Job description and analysis; Job evaluation, Inter-personal relations, Recruitment procedures, Motivation; Group dynamics, Training and development, Discipline and grievances, Performance appraisal. Financial Management: budgeting and different types of budgets- PPBS, ZBB, Line Budget; Costing, cost and benefit analysis, Resource mobilization. Outsourcing. Project Management: PERT, CPM, Management of change; TQM -- Definition, concept, elements, Quality audit, LIS related standards, Technology management, ISO 900 series. Performance parameters; Measurement, Reengineering. Time and Motion Study, SWOT. Reporting: Types of reports: Annual Report-compilation, contents and style, Library statistics. OR Techniques, modeling and simulation. Preservation of Library materials.
Note: Library automation concepts are introduced / taught (both theory and practice) wherever it is necessary, particularly, when house-keeping operations are taught.

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