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Course: Cataloguing and Metadata (Theory and Practice)
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus: Historical study of the evolution of cataloguing and catalogue codes. Bibliographic files of different kinds, their nature and functions; Bibliographic Entities and Bibliographic Records; Concept of surrogate; Evolution of the Physical and Inner forms of bibliographic files. Standards for Bibliographic Organization, ISBDs, FRBR. Catalogue Codes AACR 2 and CCC. Standards for Machine Readable Bibliographic Records ISO 2709 and the MARC family of Formats, MARC XML; Retro conversion. Design of indexing languages / vocabulary control devices. Subject Cataloguing: Tools and Techniques Lists of Subject Headings, Thesauri; General theory of subject indexing languages (SIL); Different systems of indexing POPSI, Chain indexing; PRECIS etc. Computerization of classification / indexing; and computerized indexing systems. The notion of metadata. Metadata and metadata standards: Dublin Core, EAD, METS, VRA Core etc. Preparation of Bibliographic Records for different kinds of documents using appropriate standards and software; Filing of entries.

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