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Course: Software Reliability
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Syllabus: Introduction to Software Reliability: Definition of software reliability, its importance in present day scenarios, speciality of a software product, sources of uncertainty in a software product, comparison between software and hardware reliability.
Software reliability and other associated problems: Development of the software reliability problem, the problem of optimum software release time, some basic mathematics on differential calculus and optimization methods.
Software reliability models: Jelinski Moranda (JM) model, extensions of the JM model, discussion on the JM model assumptions, some very useful models with assumptions, some recent developments.
Parameter Estimation: Methods of estimating the parameters for the above models, actual implementations of the models with data using either available software packages or by writing programs.
Software reliability for web-based software: Problems in Web-based software, modeling web-based software reliability problems (some recent models).
Software release time models: Formulation of optimum software release time problem, some important models on software release time problem, parameter estimation, discussion on the models.
Case Studies.
Assignments and exercises.

Reference Texts:
1. Software Reliability -Measurement, Prediction and Applications: By John D. Musa, Anthony Iannino and Kazuhira Okumoto, McGraw-Hill, 1987
2. Software Reliability: By Hoang Pham, Springer, 2000
3. Handbook of Reliability Engineering: By Hoang Pham (ed), Springer, 2001
4. Measuring and Modeling Usage and Reliability for Statistical Web Testing: By Chaitnya Kallepalli and Jeff Tian, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Vol.27, No.11, November 2001
5. Evaluating web software Reliability Based on Workload and Failure Data, Extracted from server Logs: By Jeff Tian, Sunita Rudraraju and Zhao Li, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol-30, No.11, November 2004

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