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Course: Data and Text Mining
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently not offered
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Module 1: Basic Introduction to Data mining
Unit 01: Data Mining: Introduction, Definitions, Issues and Challenges, Real World Applications
Unit 02: KDD vs DM, DBMS vs DM, DM techniques
Unit 03: Data warehousing and OLAP: Data warehousing: Introduction, Definitions, Multidimen sional data model, OLAP and OLAP Engine
Unit 04: Location, Spread, Shape and Dependency
Unit 05: Graphic display of basic statistical description: Boxplot, Histogram, Quantile plot, Quan tile-quantile (q-q) plot, Scatter plot
Unit 06: Probability Density Function and Variance-Covariance Matrix: Probability Density Function, Variance-Covariance Matrix
Unit 07: Various Distances, Standardization and Normalization: Matric Space, Similarity and Dis-similarity measures, Minkowski Distance, Euclidean Distance, Mahalanobis Distance, Standardization and Normalization
Unit 08: Association rules: Introduction, Methods to discover association rules, Related Algorithms
Unit 09: Decision trees: Tree construction principle, Decision tree construction algorithm, Presorting
Unit 10: Principal Component analysis, Cumulative distribution function and Confusion Matrix
Module 2: Classification and Clustering Methods for Data Mining and Fuzzy logic
Unit 11: Classification and Classification Algorithms: Introduction to classification, Bayes Decision Rules, KNN, Other Classification Algorithms
Unit 12: Clustering and Clustering Algorithms: Introduction to Clustering, K- means, DBSCAN, Other Clustering Algorithms
Unit 13: Fuzzy Logic
Module 3: Data Mining Application
Unit 14: Web mining: Content, structure and usage mining, Text mining, Image and multimedia mining

Reference Texts:
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2. Witten, I. H., E. Frank, and M. A. Hall, Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques, Morgan Kaufmann.
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7. Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber Data Mining Concepts and Techniques, Second Edi- tion, Elsevier

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