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B.Math (Hons.) I Year [Top]
Algebra I
Algebra II
Analysis I
Analysis II
Computer Science I
Physics I
Probability Theory I
Probability Theory II
Writing of Mathematics

B.Math (Hons.) II Year [
Algebra III
Algebra IV
Analysis III
Computer Science II
Graph Theory
Physics II
Statistics I
Statistics II

B.Math (Hons.) III Year [
Algebraic Geometry
Analysis IV
Combinatorics & Graph Theory
Complex Analysis
Computer Science III
Computer Science IV
Differential Equations
Differential Geometry I
Differential Geometry II
Economics I
Introduction to Differential Topology
Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory
Mathematics of Computation
Mathematical Morphology and Applications
Physics IV
Physics III
Probability III
Representation Theory
Statistics III
Statistics IV
Statistics V

M.Math I Year [
Algebra I
Algebra II
Analysis of Several Variables
Complex Analysis
Differential Geometry I
Functional Analysis
Linear Algebra
Measure Theoretic Probability
Topology I
Topology II

M.Math II Year [
Algebraic Geometry
Advanced Functional Analysis
Advanced Probability
Algebraic Number Theory
Commutative Algebra I
Data Structures and Algorithms
Differential Geometry II
Differential Topology
Ergodic Theory
Fourier Analysis
Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Introduction to Elliptic Curves and Modular forms
Lie Groups & Lie Algebra
Markov Chains
Number Theory
Operator Theory
Partial Differential Equations
Simple Groups and Geometry
Stochastic Processes
Topology III
Topology IV

MSQMS I Year [

Applied Regression Analysis
Capability Maturity Models
Data Base Management
Game Theory
Industrial Experimentation
Markov Analysis & Modelling
Multivariate Data Analysis
Management Information System
Marketing Research
Neural Network
Operations Research I
Operations Research II
Project Management
Pattern Recognition
Reliability Maintainability & Safety I
Reliability Maintainability & Safety II
Statistics for Decision Making I
Statistics for Decision Making II
Statistical Process Control I
Statistical Process Control II

Nonlinear Programming & Dynamic Programming
Quality Audit
Supply Chain Management
Software Reliability
Six Sigma
Support Vector Machines
Total Quality Management
Trouble Shooting & Problem Solving

MSLIS I Year [
Foundations of Library & Information Science
Information Organization
Cataloguing & Metadata
Library Management & Library Automation
Foundations of Computers & Information Technology
Elements of Mathematics I
Information Sources Systems & Services
Elements of Statistics & Research Methodology
Digital Libraries
Data Structures & Computer Programming
Elements of Mathematics II

Information Storage Retrieval & DBMS
Content Management Systems
Informetrics & Scientometrics
Web Technology & Web-based Information Services
Networking Technology & Library Networks
Knowledge Management
Semantic Web
Data & Text Mining

Ph.d. Courses [
Algebra I
Analysis I
Topology I

Notes on Special Topics [
Author: Arup Pal
  • K-Theory notes

    Author: V. Pati
  • Basic Algebraic Geometry
  • Elliptic Complexes and Index Theory
  • Notes on Intersection Homology
  • Notes on Riemannian Geometry
  • Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and the beginning of Algebraic Geometry
  • Some basic facts about Algebraic curves
  • Punctured Plane
  • Mobius Strip
  • Quaternions And Rotations in 3 - Space

    Author: K. Rama Murthy (Please visit for lecture notes, problem collections etc.)
  • Infinitely Divisible and Stable Distributions
  • Fixed Point Theorems
  • Problems in Complex Analysis
  • Caratheodory
  • Compactness
  • Distributions
  • Fourier
  • Functional Analysis
  • Measure Theory
  • Vector Measures
  • Gamma Zeta
  • Passwords
  • Problems In Real Analysis
  • Uncertainity Principle
  • Ergodic Theory
  • Stone Weierstrass Theorem
  • Gelfand Naimark Theorem
  • Fourier Analysis On Groups
  • Anti Calculus Theorem
  • Jordan Curve Theorem
  • RADOs Theorem

    Author: S.Ramasubramanian
  • Brownian Motion
  • Diffusions and the Martingale Problem of Stroock and Varadhan
  • Some Aspects of Large Deviations
  • Stochastic Differential Equations with Constant Dispersion
  • Poisson Processes and Insurance: an introduction
  • Large Deviations: an introduction to the Abel prize

    Author: S.M. Srivastava
  • Classical Descriptive Set Theory
  • Forcing Relative Consistency of ZFC+GCH
  • Constructible Sets

    Author: B. Sury
  • Very basic group theory.
  • Very basic algebraic number theory
  • Lectures on commutative ring theory.
  • Ramanujan's route to roots.
  • Congruence subgroup problem.
  • Existence and uniqueness of groups for root data.
  • Primes and Riemann Hypothesis.
  • Algorithms in algebraic number theory.
  • Bringing the inner product out
  • Leaving no Stone unturned.
  • Public key cryptography and elliptic curves.
  • The prime ordeal.
  • (with A.Raghuram) Groups acting on trees.
  • Absolute values and completions in brief.
  • Elliptic curves over finite fields.
  • (with D.S.Nagaraj) A quick introduction to algebraic geometry and elliptic curves.
  • (with D.S.Nagaraj) Mordell-Weil theorem.
  • Combinatorial group theory.
  • Polynomials with integer values.
  • (with B.K.Sahoo) What is the Burnside problem ?.


  • [Indian Statistical Institute]