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Course: Reliability, Maintainability And Safety II
Instructor: E V Gijo
Room: Annex room of PJA
Level: Postgraduate
Time: Currently offered
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Syllabus: Reliability Improvement and Redundancy: Usefulness of redundancy; redundancy in system (with exponential components): parallel, r out of n system, standby, shared load.
Reliability Testing Demonstration and Acceptance: Life testing methods; estimation of parameters and reliability with standard probability models using complete and censored samples; properties of these estimators; confidence intervals; probability plot and graphical procedures for estimating the parameter; validation of model; life test acceptance sampling plans in exponential case; sequential life test in exponential case; non-parametric estimation of reliability.
Reliability of Repairable System: Types of repair: good-as-new, minimal; modeling failure processes: renewal process, Poisson process, non-homogeneous Poisson process.
System Effectiveness Measures: Serviceability, maintainability, repairability, availability, operational readiness; reliability and maintainability trade-off.
Fault Tree Analysis: Event tree; simple fault tree and its construction; mathematics of FTA; FMEA; carrying out FMEA with practical example.
Accelerated Life Test: Need for accelerated life test (ALT); acceleration factor and method: use-rate, temperature, voltage; Arrhenius model, Erying model, inverse power model.
Warranty Analysis: Role of warranty; quality improvement versus warranty; free-replacement warranty (FRW) and pro-rated warranty (PRW); warranty policy and cost; analysis of warranty policy some simple cases; automobile warranty (two-dimensional).

Reference Texts:
1. Reliability in Engineering Design: By Kapur K.C. and Lamberson L.R. (1977), John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
2. Repairable System Reliability: By Ascher H. and Feingold H. (1984), Marcel Dekker.
3. Statistical Methods for Reliability Data: By Meeker W.Q. and L.A. Escobar L.A. (1998), John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
4. Warranty Cost Analysis: By Blischke W.R. and Prabhakar Murthy D.N. (1994), Marcel Dekker.
5. Concepts in Reliability: By Srinath L.S. (1975), Affiliated East-West Press Pvt. Ltd.
6. System Reliability Theory: By Hoyland A. and Rausand M. (1994), John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
7. Statistical Theory of Reliability and Life Testing: By Barlow R.E. and Proschan F. (1975), Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.

Midterm Exam 50 marks
Assignment -- marks
Final Exam 50 marks
Total 100 marks

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