Vaccination Karnataka Districts

[Data in CSV] The data is organized like: the districts in the first column, followed by Dose 1 percentage, Dose 2 percentage w.r.t. Adult population. The next columns are Dose 1 count and Dose 2 count. The last three columns are 2011 Census (18-plus) Population, 2020 Projected population and the factor used to obtain it.

The data is considered from 18/01/2021 till present. Data on 31/01/2021, 23/02/2021, 27/02/2021 and 28/02/2021 were not included. Data from 25/04/2021 was removed since it wasnt cumulative, data from 12/05/2021 and 20/07/2021 were removed to avoid inconsistencies.

For all the graphs on this page, if you click on the image then it will display an interactive graph, where as you hover your mouse pointer over the graph annotations with details will be displayed, including percentage of the population vaccinated.

All the graphs below provide the cumulative dose 1 and dose 2 vaccination percentage for each district. The dose 1 and 2 counts of BBMP district, if present, were added to Bengaluru Urban.