Ravichandra Inna Kedage Rao

Academic Activities : Teaching Related Activities

I was a member of the UGC Curriculum Development Committee, 90-92; as a member, I was actively, involved in drafting model syllabi for B.Lib. Sc, M.Lib.Sc, M. Phil and Ph. D Programmes in Indian Universities.

I was Involved in teaching Information Technology and its Applications and also Informetrics to the students of M.S. Degree in Information Studies in the School of Information Studies for Africa, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (14 Sept 90 - 13 Dec 1990).

I was in fact one of the teachers responsible to start the programme and to give the necessary syllabus; the Programme was supported by IDRC, Canada).

I was also involved in designing and developing curriculum for PG course in Information Science (particularly for the papers related to Quantitative Methods for Library and Information Science), for the Latin American Region at Caracas, Venezuela, in June 1984.

Delivered a course of lectures in Bibliometry and Scientometry in 1981, to the students of the 4th PG course in formation science sponsored by the UNESCO at the Institute of Library Science of the University of Philippines, Manila.