Ravichandra Inna Kedage Rao

Academic Activities : Teaching

Involved in teaching the advanced course in documentation and information science at the Documentation Research and Training Centre, Bangalore, since 1971 and M. Stat course for three academic years, from 1986-1987 to 1988-19989, in Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Centre.

The subjects, taught for the M. Stat course (from 1986-1987 to 1988-1989) were FORTRAN programming and its applications, PASCAL programming language (for SQC and OR Specialization), and information retrieval (for SQC and OR Specialization).

Some of the topics I teach for the courses in information science at the Master's degree level are

  • Systems analysis, data structures and programming techniques (TURBO PASCAL)

  • Information retrieval, including design and development of databases

  • Elements of statistical methods including the research methods

  • Informetrics, including bibliometrics and scientometrics

  • Management of libraries, information centers and information systems, and services

  • Library Automation

  • CDS/ISIS, SQL, (and earlier in 1990s, dBASE IV) software packages, marketing of information products & services; these topics were covered for the ADIS students in mid 80s.

As a part of the teaching programme at DRTC, I have supervised more than 55 ADIS (equivalent to Master’s degree) and M.S. students in library and Information Science in connection with their project and dissertation works.