Ravichandra Inna Kedage Rao

Academic Activities : Research

My research interests include growth and obsolescence of literature, library statistics, theories of bibliometrics, scientometrics and informetrics; library automation, information retrieval, information management, in addition to the development of software for library applications.

As a part of my research and academic activities, I have carried out several in-house projects. In the early 1970’s, I was involved in developing software to provide SDI service based on locally developed databases. This software was implemented for the first time in India on an experimental basis at BHEL, Hyderabad in 1975.

In another in-house project in mid-90s, I was involved in designing and development of software for library automation. As a part of this project, several software modules for library automation (-- acquisition system, serial control, circulation control, cataloguing, etc.), were developed with an objective to use these modules for teaching purposes

Further, I have involved in externally funded research projects. Some of them are NISSAT ( A unit of DSIR, Govt. of India) sponsored projects. In the NISSAT projects,

    • In mid-90s, the NISSAT has undertaken a project to analyze various international databases with an objective to draw science map of India. As a part of this project, I collected and analyzed the data from Engineering database (COMPENDEX)

    • In another NISSAT project, I was responsible for organizing more than 20 short-term (of six weeks each) courses on computer applications to library and information field.

I was also involved in IDRC and / or UNESCO/UNDP missions for evaluation of Village Information Centers, organized by the Manipal Industrial Trust, which was sponsored by the IDRC, Canada, in 1992.