Ravichandra Inna Kedage Rao

Countries Visited

Visited Australia(to attend a conference), Belgium (to attend a conference and to work as Visiting Professor), Canada (for studies, and to attend seminars), China (to attend a conference), Ethiopia (to work as Visiting Professor), France (study tour), Germany (Study tour in different cities and also to attend conferences), Israel (to attend a conference), Luxemberg (as a tourist), Malaysia(to attend a seminar and to deliver a series of lectures in Library Automation. and also as a tourist), Mexico (to attend a conference), Philippines (to attend a seminar and also to deliver lectures in Bibliometrics), Sweden (Stockholm) (to addend a conference), Spain (Madrid) (to attend a Conference), Switzerland (as a tourist), The Netherlands (as a Tourist), Turkey (Isthanbul) to attend conference, United Kingdom (study tour), United States of America (as a tourist and to attend a conference) Venezuela (to participate in a workshop as a resource person in bibliometrics),