Recent Advances in
Operator Theory and Operator Algebras
OTOA 2018
December 13-19, 2018

Sponsored by Indian Statistical Institute and National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM)

Statistics and Mathematics Unit
Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore

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Recent advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras - 2018 (OTOA-2018) to be held at Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, during December 13-19, 2018. This conference is a continuation of the earlier conferences and workshops on Operator theory and Operator algebras held in Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore. OTOA is a platform to explore and discuss developments, issues and challenges in the fields of Functional analysis, Operator Algebras, Operator theory and related fields. OTOA aims bringing experts and researches from around the world, including postdocs and advanced doctoral students, to share their recent findings related to the above-mentioned research fields.

OTOA-2018 will consist of three series of five lectures each given by top experts in the field, a number of invited talks and short contributions. The lecture series will be delivered by: (1) Joachim Cuntz from University of Munster, Germany, (2) Piotr Nowak from Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, and (3) Stuart White from University of Glasgow, UK (see Schedule for more details).

Recent advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras (OTOA) encourages and promotes excellence of young mathematicians.


January 03, 2019: Expository Lectures (thanks to YouTube): Joachim Cuntz , Piotr Nowak , and Stuart White. Also see the plenary talks: (1) Louis Labuschagne, (2) Xiang Tang, (3) Kunal Mukherjee , (4) Peter Semrl, and (5) Rongwei Yang.

December 17, 2018: Group Photo .

December 12, 2018: Group Photo Lining up for the group photos in front of the Platinum Jubilee Auditorium (PJA) on Monday, December 17 @ 12.50 P.M.

December 04, 2018: Conference Dinner Saturday, December 15 @ The Club during 7.15-10.00 P.M. We would greatly appreciate your (voluntary) contribution of Rs 500 to partially cover the conference dinner.

December 02, 2018: Accommodation: Accommodation for Indian participants has been arranged at the ISI Guest House, ISI Hostels and ISI quarters, inside ISI campus, and at the Royal Airavatha Residency. Please click here for the list of participants staying at ISI Campus (and they may report to the main security desk at the entrance of ISI campus for further instructions upon arrival) and here for the list of participants staying at Royal Airavatha Residency (and they should directly go to the hotel for their accommodation). Accommodation details for non-Indian participants will be informed individually via e-mail.

December 02, 2018: Registration Desk: Registration Desk will be located in the Platinum Jubilee Auditorium (PJA, near ISI-main gate). The desk shall be open throughout the event including 4.30-5.30 PM, December 12.

December 01, 2018: Meals (1) Breakfast: (i) At Platinum Jubilee Auditorium (PJA, near ISI-main gate) during 8.00A.M. -- 9.30 A.M. (ONLY for those STAYING on campus). (ii) Hotels will serve breakfast for the participants staying at the hotels. (2) Lunch and dinner (during 8.00P.M. -- 9.15 P.M.) will be served at the Platinum Jubilee Auditorium (PJA, near ISI-main gate) on December 12-20. (3) If you are arriving early and/or staying longer than the conference period then also please stop by at PJA for meals (Breakfast 8-9.15 A.M.; Lunch 1-2 P.M.; Dinner 8-9 P.M.).

December 01, 2018: Transportation and Direction: If you are staying in one of the hotels, then kindly use the public bus (BMTC) to commute between ISI and the hotel. The hotels are well connected by bus (2 KM distance from ISI campus - please check with google maps/apps). You may also check for the direction here and/or here. Bus stop for ISI: Jairamdas Bus stop (on Mysore Road and in between Bangalore university bus stop and RV College Bus stop).

December 01, 2018: Taxi from Airport or Rail station to ISI/Hotel and back:: (A) One can book a taxi in advance by calling one of the taxi operators: (1) Meru Cabs (080--44224422), (2) Easy Cabs (080--43434343) and (3) Karnataka Taxi (080--43464346). Taxis are also available outside the airport (after exiting the terminal, turn left to find the "Airport Taxi" sign. The taxi ride to ISI or the Hotel should cost you around Rs 1000-1200) and Bangalore City railway station and Yeswanthpur rail station. One can hire a prepaid (recommended) auto from the rail stations as well. Bangalore airport has a very convenient app based taxi service (like Ola and Uber) located just next to the airport bus terminus. (B) Vayu Vajra Service is bus a service provided by KSRTC from airport to the town. There is no direct bus from the airport to the hotel or ISI but the nearest place is Mysore Road Bus Stand (AKA: Bapujinagar). Get KIAS-10 from airport to Bapujinagar (the last stop) and from the same terminal, you can ride for onward trip to ISI (Jairamdas bus stop) or to the hotel Royal Airavatha Residency (Dubasipalya Cross Bus Stop). .

December 01, 2018: Final schedule is up.

September 30, 2018: Registration is CLOSED

April 18, 2018: International conference -- Banach Algebras, Harmonic Analysis, and Operator Theory at Sardar Patel University, V. V. Nagar, Gujarat, during 20-22 November 2018. You may also write to (domspuconf AT gmail DOT com) if you are interested.

January 08, 2018: First Announcement

January 08, 2018: Indian Visa on Arrival

January 08, 2018: Ministry of Home affairs, foreigners division See FAQnotification about Conference Visas.

January 08, 2018: Recent Advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras (Lecture notes based on OTOA 2014) by CRC Press.

January 08, 2018: Past OTOA meetings: OTOA 2016, OTOA 2014, OTOA 2012,


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