Indian Statistical Institute
Karnataka Branch

In the 50's, to carry out society-type of activities, the Council of the Indian Statistical Institute approved a number of branches of the Institute to be set up outside Head Quarters.

The Karnataka Branch had its inception in Bangalore in 1954. It is now the only surviving branch outside the Head Quarters.

The Branch is governed by the Bye-laws as approved by the council more described in the Institutes Memorandum of Understanding which may be amended from time to time by the council of the Institute.

The Branch is under the management of an Executive Committee consisting of not more than twelve members, of whom three-fourths, including a Chairman and a Secretary, are elected by the members of the Branch and the rest co-opted.

The term of the Executive Committee is for a period of two years.

The Branch may admit a person as Associate Member or Member Co-opted (who is either not a member or a member of the Institute) of the Branch provided he is at least a graduate or a technical diploma holder or is engaged in professional statistical work.

The Executive Committee meets regularly to chalk out programs and activities of the branch.

The branch receives application of Individual or others who are desirous of becoming the member of the Institute and forwards it to Council of the Institute for approval.

Out of the annual subscription collected from each member (individual or institutional) attached to the Branch Rs.35/- will be credited to the Headquarters.

In respect of life members Rs. 20/- per annum will be credited to the Branch.

Subject to such principles as may be laid down by the Council from time to time, the Branch may raise such other funds as it may think desirable, but all such funds shall be incorporated in the accounts of the Branch.

The account of the Branch is audited every year by chartered accountants appointed by the Branch in the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and the audited statement of accounts approved by the general body of the Branch is submitted to the Director.

An annual report of the Branch is prepared and forwarded to the Director for incorporation in the annual report of the Institute.

The decision of the Council is binding on the Branch in all matters not specifically left to the discretion of the Branch, and such decisions shall be taken after obtaining the views of the Branch.