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Moving forward, Peratining to the Nature of SPACE

Welcome to Spatial Informatics Research Group

Welcome to of Spatial Informatics Research Group (SIRG) of the Systems Science and Informatics Unit (SSIU) , of Computer and Communication Sciences Division (CCSD), at the Indian Statistical Institute-Bangalore Centre.

Spatial Informatics Research Group (SIRG) deals with science and engineering of spatial information. While data is available in spatial form, it is more appropriate to employ techniques of spatial relevance to (i) retrieve, (ii) visualize, (iii) integrate, (iv) store,  (v) analyze, (vi) reason, and (vii) model by using spatial data as source. All these tasks require knowledge from cross-disciplinary fields such as digital image processing, digital geometry, GISci, geography, cartography, computer science, mathematics, spatial statistics, computer graphics, remote sensing technology, complex dynamical systems, etc. One of the main subgroups of SIRG deals with Granulometric Informatics and Applications with a focus on the topics that include (i) on retrieving, understanding, processing, and evaluating of information and knowledge in multi-disciplinary environment, (ii) study and development of machine learning and computational intelligence tools for efficient granulation of information and its retrieval, and (iii) application of granular informatics to various areas including, remote sensing imagery, medical imagery, etc.