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The theory of algebraic groups is a beautiful and complete theory. Other than being intrinsically interesting, it is also central to many areas of mathematics like Representation theory, Number theory, Geometry and Topology, Harmonic Analysis etc. To give an example, the Langlands program, a grand unifying principle in modern day mathematics which brings many of the above subjects together, needs the theory of algebraic groups to even state the basic theorems and conjectures.

This workshop will be an intensive three week instructional school on the classification of reductive algebraic groups and related topics. There will be several mini courses on topics including: Basics of Lie algebras;  Classification of semisimple Lie algebras; Highest weight theory; Existence theorems for Lie algebras; Basics of algebraic groups; Geometric aspects of algebraic groups; Classification of reductive algebraic groups over an algebraically closed field; Existence and Uniqueness theorems.

Each day of the workshop will have four lecture hours and one hour at the end devoted to examples and exercises.

The potential participant would a Ph.D. student, or a very advanced M.Sc. student, or a mathematician wanting to learn this subject. The prerequisites for the workshop are:
  • A thorough knowledge of linear algebra and familiarity with some multilinear algebra.
  • Some elementary algebraic geometry.
We will post some notes on these prerequisites for the workshop by the 1st of November 2006. Selected participants are urged to study these notes before the workshop.

The reference textbooks for the workshop are:
  1. Introduction to Lie algebras and representation theory, 
  2. By James Humphreys,
    Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 9. Springer-Verlag,
    New York-Berlin, 1978. ISBN 0-387-90053-5.
  3. Linear algebraic groups.
  4. By T.A. Springer,
    Second edition. Progress in Mathematics 9, Birkhäuser Boston, Inc., Boston, MA, 1998. ISBN 0-8176-4021-5.
Subject to budget approval, local hospitality will be provided to all participants and travel support will be available to selected participants.

Deadline for application:- September 15th, 2006.
For further enquiries, concerns and expressions of interest please contact:-
(i) N.S.N. Sastry (nsastry@isibang.ac.in)

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