• You are advised that stationary would not be provided by Advanced Instructional School and good stationary is not available in the immediate neighbourhood of the venue.

  • Advanced Instructional School pays III AC trainfare for your journey from the place of your work to Bangaore and back.

  • In order to claim the travel reimbursement kindly submit a photocopy of the tickets (both ways).

  • You should take care of your conveyance from and to the railway station / bus stand.

  • You are strongly advised to revise (or study) as much as possible the following topics:

  • i. Basics of Representation theory.
    ii. Basics of Linear Algebra.
    iii. Theory of Semi-simple Rings and modules, Artin-Wederburn structure theory, Jacobson radical of rings and modules and p-adic numbers.
    iv. Papers by Dade and Benson are posted in the web. You are advised to get a copy of this and familiarize yourself with them as much as possible.

    Dade's paper         Benson's paper