Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory conference

Dates: 14th December to 20th December 2017

Venue: Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Center

Conference Photographs

Some pictures of the trek to Devrayanadurga by Shreedhar Inamdar and Chandan Dalawat.

This conference will be on various topics in algebraic geometry, number theory and interplay between them. This event is a part of the 125 birth anniversary celebration of P. C. Mahalanobis who was the founder of this Institute. Please email the organisors if you would like to attend this conference at "*" where "*" should be replaced by the username.

Directions to ISI Bangalore

Confirmed speakers

Indranil Biswas, TIFR Mumbai
Alina Bucur, University of California, San Diego
Utsav Choudhury, IISER, Kolkata
Chandan Dalawat, Harish-Chandra Research Institute

Mrinal Das, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
Najmuddin Fakhruddin, TIFR Mumbai
Krishna Hanumanthu, Chennai Mathematical Institute
Bernhard Heim, GU Oman
Amit Hogadi, IISER Pune

Srikanth Iyengar, University of Utah
Kiran Kedlaya, University of California, San Diego
Kamal Khuri-Makdisi, American University of Beirut
Amalendu Krishna, TIFR Mumbai
Manoj Kummini, Chennai Mathematical Institute

Keerthi Madapusi Pera, Boston College
Souradeep Majumder, IISER Tirupathi
Jinhyun Park, KAIST, S. Korea
A.J. Parameswaran, TIFR Mumbai
B.P. Purnaprajna, University of Kansas

Ajay Ramadoss, Indiana University Bloomington
Anurag Singh, University of Utah
Vaibhav Vaish, ISI Bangalore


Manish Kumar (manish)
Suresh Nayak (snayak)
Ramesh Sreekantan (rsreekantan)

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