Services available in ISIBC Library

The ISI Bangalore Centre Library has been rendering the following services since its inception in 1978:


CIRCULATION SERVICE scrollup.gif (89 bytes)

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During the year library facilities were enjoyed by 135 users. 100 of them availed the lending facilities. 6 visiting Professors of different Units of ISI were also provided with the lending facilities. A total of about 6240 books and periodicals (including loose issues) were circulated by the library. The in house use of books and periodicals were around 26000. About 80 inter library loan transactions were registered.

The membership includes ISI staff, Research scholars, project assistants, M-Stat students, M-Tech students, SDP fellows, DRTC students etc.

The duration of lending is:

                                        1 month for Books

                                        1 week for text books

                                        15 days for bound volumes and

                                        Overnight for loose issues

DOCUMENTATION SERVICE scrollup.gif (89 bytes)

The following publications were brought out regularly from the library.

1.Bimonthly additions list of books
2.Monthly list of current periodicals
3.Current contents of journals

CURRENT AWARENESS SERVICE  scrollup.gif (89 bytes)

The Library announces regularly the list of new additions of books, list of periodicals (monthly) and current contents of periodicals (fortnightly).   These lists contain recent arrivals of books and periodicals.  This facilitates to draws the attention of users in the latest information in the field of Library and Information Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Quality Control and Economics and realted disciplines.

REFERENCE SERVICE   scrollup.gif (89 bytes)

The Library provides both short range and long range reference services for both Internal and External users. 

BIBLIOGRAPHIC SERVICE  scrollup.gif (89 bytes)

This service are provided to the Research community from time to time.  Teh bibliographies compiled and supplied to the particular required user on request.

INTER LIBRARY LOAN SERVICE  scrollup.gif (89 bytes)

Inter library loan facilities are availed by the Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Centre Library users from the following local

1.British Library, Bangalore
2.Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
3.Indian Institute of Science
4.Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore

Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Centre Library extends inter library loan facility to :

1.Indian Institute of Science
2.Tata Institute of Fundamenatal Research Bangalore

REPROGRAPHIC SERVICE scrollup.gif (89 bytes)

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The Library is maintaining very good photocopying facility for the user.  The xerox facilities are provided on free of charges for only Institute use and for Researchers, students and teachers at the rate of seventy fife paise for each copy. 

CD-ROM SERVICES  scrollup.gif (89 bytes)

The Library is Providing CD-ROM services for their users. LISA ( Library and Information Science Abstract), ISA (Inforamtion Science Abstract) and Union catalogue of India are available for searching.  Along with this CD's which comes with different books are also kept for retrieval are being organised according to subject matter.



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