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As a Fulbright Scholar at University of Illinois, USA

Panorama view of University of Illinois, USA

University of Sydney, Australia,2007

Paper presenting at United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan,2011

During Conference at Tokyo, Japan,2011

Visited Korean Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea,2011

South Korea National Library

Paper presenting at Open Repository Conference in Scotland, UK,2012

Paper presenting at National Conference at TERI, New Delhi, India

Delivering Lecture at University of Mysore, Department of Library Science, Mysore, India

National level Workshop on KOHA and NewGenLib at DRTC, ISI, Bangalore, India 2010

Library of Congress, Washington, USA

Faculty Meeting at University of Illinois, USA

Plenary Speaker at SRM University, Chennai, India,2010

Lecture delivering at Jain University, Bangalore, India,2013

Paper Prsented at EDT Conference at Washington 2017 (br>