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Chemistry Dictionary

Chemistry Dictionary: Chemicool

Chemistry Glossary

Chemistry Dictionary:

Chemistry & Environmental Dictionary

The Great Big Chemistry Dictionary

Combined Chemical Dictionary

Glossary of Archaic Chemical Terms

UNChem Glossary

Basic Terminology of Stereochemistry

Glossary of Physical Organic Chemistry

Glossary of Medicinal Chemistry

General Chemistry Glossary

A Dictionary of Physics Online:

Chlorine Compounds Glossary

Glossary: Carbon Dioxide and Climate

Bioinorganic Glossary

Atmospheric Chemistry Glossary

Chemical Dictionary: ChemBioFinder.Com (Registration Required)

Chemistry Dictionary: Ask the TA

Chemistry Consortium Online Chemistry Dictionary

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Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry

Encyclopedia of Minerals

Chemistry Encyclopedia:

The Chemistry Encyclopedia: Chemistry Daily

Organic Chemistry Encyclopedia: Infoplease

General Chemistry Encyclopedia: Infoplease

Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation

Chemistry Explained

Organic Chemistry Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Earth

Electrochemistry Encyclopedia

Diracdelta Science & Engineering Encyclopedia

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Google Directory: Chemistry


The Sheffield Chemdex


Links for Chemists: Virtual Library

Chemical Search Engine: Chemindustry

General Chemistry Links Sites: Virtual Library

Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index

Wired Chemist

Chemistry Portal

Chemistry Directory

Internet Chemical Resources (Registration Required)

Chemistry Portal:

Yahoo Directory

Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry Teaching Resources

Chemistry Webercises Directory

Open Directory Project

Israel Chemistry Directory

Chemical Directory: ChemClick

Chemistry: Free Software Directory

Directory of Open Access Journals

Chemistry Guide

IUPAC Green Chemistry Directory

Chemistry Departmental Directory: Carnegie Mellon University

Chemistry Staff Directory: Brookhaven National Laboratory

Analytical Chemistry Division Staff Directory: NIST

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DOE Fundamentals Handbook: Chemistry (Vol.1)

DOE Fundamentals Handbook: Chemistry (Vol.2)

Flame Tests

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