A Celebration of T. S. S. R. K. Rao's 60th Birthday

Indian Statistical Institute


September 22-24, 2016

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Accommodation has been arranged at the ISI Guest House and ISI quarters (inside ISI campus) and at the Hotel Kadamba Guestline . Please click here for the accommodation list. Page 1 contains the list of participants who will be staying at ISI campus (and they may report to the main security desk at the entrance of ISI campus for further instructions upon arrival). Page 2 contains the list of participants who will be staying at the Hotel (and they should directly go to the hotel for their accommodation).

Direction: (1) Directions to ISI Bangalore. Bus stop for ISI: Jairamdas Bus stop (on Mysore Road and in between Bangalore university bus stop and RV College Bus stop). Please click here for more information. (2) Hotel Kadamba Guestline is located just in the terminal building of KSRTC Satellite Bus Stand, Kengeri (popularly known as Kengeri Satellite Bus Stand). This well known bus stand is on Mysore Road and 3.5 km from ISI and comes after R V College Bus Stop. The hotel is in the top floor of the terminal building (get in to the terminal and turn right to find the lift and go directly to the third floor). Please note that the Kengeri Satellite Bus Stand is not exactly in the Kengeri Satellite town but on Mysore Road (this terminal bus stop comes after R. V. College Bus stop).

Taxi from Airport or Rail station to ISI/Hotel and back: (A) One can book a taxi in advance by calling one of the taxi operators: (1) Meru Cabs (080--44224422), (2) Easy Cabs (080--43434343) and (3) Karnataka Taxi (080--43464346). Taxis are also available outside the airport (after exiting the terminal, turn left to find the "Airport Taxi" sign. The taxi ride to ISI or the Hotel should cost you around Rs 1000-1200) and Bangalore City railway station and Yeswanthpur rail station. One can hire a prepaid (recommended) auto from the rail stations as well. Bangalore airport has a very convenient app based taxi service (like Ola and Uber) located just next to the airport bus terminus. (B) Vayu Vajra Service is bus a service provided by KSRTC from airport to the town. There is no direct bus from the airport to the hotel or ISI but the nearest place is Mysore Road Bus Stand (AKA: Bapujinagar). Get KIAS-10 from airport to Bapujinagar (the last stop) and from the same terminal, you can ride for onward trip to ISI (Jairamdas bus stop) or to the hotel (KSRTC Satellite Bus Stand, Kengeri).

Transportation between the Hotel and ISI: Please check the News section.