Advances in Noncommutative Mathematics

Funded by

Indian Statistical Institute


The main goal of "Advances in Noncommutative Mathematics" (ANCM), a project fully funded by Indian Statistical Institute, is to network mathematicians working in ISI Kolkata, ISI Bangalore center and ISI Delhi center and in some other institutions, in different areas of noncommutative mathematics for exchange of ideas and for collaborative work. We expect that this will foster concentrated and focussed research in some closely connected areas and to make the Indian Statistical Institute, by far, the leading school in noncommutative mathematics in India, a global leader. Researchers working in related areas would participate in various activities under this Project.

Proposing faculty members:

ISI Bangalore Center: B V Rajarama Bhat & Jaydeb Sarkar

ISI Delhi Center: Arup Pal

ISI Kolkata: Debashish Goswami


The main activities for this year (2015-2016) includes:

(i) Visit by Professor Alexander Belton in December 2015 to ISI Kolkata and ISI Bangalore.

(ii) Visit by Professor Anatoly Vershik in January 2016 to ISI Kolkata and ISI Bangalore and ISI Delhi.

(iii) First Discussion Meeting at ISI Bangalore during January 18-22, 2016 (see below for more details).

(iv) Talks: On January 13 at ISI Kolkata and on January 25 at ISI Delhi.
Speaker: Professor Anatoly Vershik.
Title: The problem about invariant measures in probability theory and algebra.
Abstract: Several variants of the problems on invariant ergodic measures will be given to find:
--- the set of invariant measure for Markov processes;
--- the list of traces of *-algebras;
--- the list of invariant measure for the action of given amenable group;
--- the boundary of the random walks;
--- the list of invariant random subgroups etc.
All such problems can be considered in the framework probabilistic analysis of the graded graphs. We distinguish such problems on two classes:standard which have Borel set of parameters and nonstandard.


For any queries, please write to ancm.isi AT gmail DOT com or contact: B V Rajarama Bhat, Debashish Goswami, Arup Pal or Jaydeb Sarkar

First Discussion Meeting at ISI Bangalore During January 18-22, 2016


(1) Anatoly Vershik from Saint Petersburg State University, Russia.

(2) Kalyan B Sinha from JNCASR.

(3) Soumalya Joardar from JNCASR.

More Details: To know more about the First Discussion Meeting Click Here

    Registration - Monday January 18 @ Main Auditorium during 14.15-14.30.


    Date and Time 10.00-11.00 11.00 - 11.30 11.30-12.30 13.00-14.30
    14.30-15.30 15.30-16.00
    Jan 18
    Vershik Snacks@ GH
    Jan 19
    Joardar Discussion Snacks@ GH
    Jan 20
    Sinha Joardar Vershik Snacks@ GH
    Jan 21
    Sinha Joardar Discussion Snacks@ GH
    Jan 22
    Vershik Sinha

    Special diner -Wednesday January 20 @ ISI Canteen at 20.00 onwards.