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Disclaimer:The benefits mentioned below are governed by statutes and rules in force in the institute from time to time.

Pay, allowances and Total Emoluments can be calculated by filling in the details.

Basic Pay


Academic Grade Pay


Dearness Allowance (DA)(1.39 x( Basic Pay + Grade Pay)
(as of Dec 2017, subject to change)


Transport Allowance
(Bangalore), Hyd, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi

: 3200

Dearness Allowance on Transport Allowance

: 4448

House Rent Allowance (HRA)
.3x (Basic Pay + Grade Pay)
(in Bangalore, Hyd, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi)







Research, Teaching, Training, Project work, case studies, consultancy, and other academic activities and academic administration.

Duration of Appointment

On confirmation the appointee will be retained in service of the Institute on permanent basis up to the age of 65, which is the superannuation age.

Promotion Guidelines

Rules governing review procedure for Assistant to Associate to Full Professor are mentioned here.

Medical Benefits

All workers of the Institute and his/her family, as defined by the rules framed by Government of India and the statutes of the Institute, are covered by CS(MA) rules for the outdoor medical treatments. For the indoor medical treatments, including certain daycare procedures, the worker can choose either to be governed by CS(MA) rules or enroll in a Contributory Group Health Insurance scheme provided by the Institute. See here for outdoor medical treatments.

Child Education Allowance

A maximum of Rs 18000 per child is reimbursed towards child educational allowance. This is admissible up to a maximum of two surviving children. The relevant office order can be found here.

Leave and Vacation

Other than the statutory leave allowed by Government of India, the Institute allows On Duty Leave and Academic Leave to the faculty members for professional purposes as per statues and rules of the institute. The workers of the Institute are also eligible for Leave travel conncession as per Government of India rules in force. Leave Rules office order

Residential Accommodation

Residential Accommodation may be provided on campus subject to availability. No HRA is payable if residential accommodation is provided.

Cumulative Professional Development Allowance (CPDA)

Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors receive CPDA as per the rules set by the Institute following the rules of Government of India

Telephone Reimbursement Telephone calls and Datacard usage are reimbursed as per rules
Start Up grant/Project Proposals Faculty can propose a project under the plan budget funded by the Indian Statistical Institute. The proposal form is available here as a simple excel file. The proposals are invited by the divisional chair person (called Professor-in-charge) in February-March of each year for the next to immediate financial year begining on April 1st (i.e. Proposals for April 1 2018-March 31st 2019 are invited in Feb-March of 2017). Start-up Grants can be proposed by faculty using the above file via the divisional chairperson. Projects can range from: conferences, lecture series, schools, to individual research projects.
Office order's page has a collection of all office orders (including those concerning the above items). The page comes with cautionary warning that an office order listed on the page may have changed subsequent to the date of that order.

External Fellowships and Grants
Funding Agencies