Distinguished Professor, Shiv Nadar University

Educational Qualifications:

B.Sc. Mathematics and Physics, Andhra University 1973 First Class
M.Sc. Mathematics, Andhra University 1975 First Rank, Goldmedalist
Ph.d. Functional Analysis, Indian Statistical Institute 1983

Honours and Awards :

Fellow, National Academy of Sciemces.
Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences.
Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship 2015-16.
Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Fellowship 2011-12.

Work experience:

Adjunct Professor, MAHE, Manipal, 2018-2022.
Visiting Professor, Ashoka University, 08-2019-07-2021.
Member, I. S. I, Council, 2020-2022 (Elected representative)
Faculty, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore centre (01-10-1985-28-02-2019), Professor HAG.
Head, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore centre, 2007-2011, 2015-2019(Retirement).
Professor-In-Charge, Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Division, Indian Statistical Institute, 2012-14.
Member, Phd & DSc committee (Mathematics), Indian Statistical Institute, 2008-2014.
Member, Academic Council, Indian Statistical Institute, 1995-2019.
Title of the Phd thesis :
The Alfsen-Effros Structure topology in the theory of complex L^1-preduals.
Thesis advisor : Professor A. K. Roy.
Phd Student: Jayanarayanan, C.R, 2013.


Pandemic Series :

  • Proximinality of subspaces and the Quotient Lifting Property, Jointly with F. Botelho and R. J. Fleming.
  • Subdifferential set of an operator, Monatsh Math (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00605-022-01739-5
  • Order preserving quotient lifting properties,Positivity (2022) 26:37 https://doi.org/10.1007/s11117-022-00907-z.
  • Strong subdifferentiability and strong proximinality in Banach spaces, Journal of Convex Analysis, 28, No. 4, 1087--1096 (2021). (Jointly with C. R. Jayanarayanan).
  • Best approximation in spaces of compact operators, Linear Algebra Appl. 627 (2021), 72--79.
  • Two results on strong proximinality, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. Math. Sci. 131 (2021), no. 2, Paper No. 15.
  • Uniqueness of Hahn-Banach extension and related norm-1 projections in dual spaces, Linear and Multilinear algebra, published online, 18-06-2021. (Jointly with Soumitra Daptari and Tanmoy Paul)
  • Operators Birkoff-James orthogonal to spaces of operators, Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization Theory, 42, No. 10, 1201--1208 (2021).

  • Editorials:

    1. Member of the Editorial board, Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society. (Since 2020)
    2. Member of the Editorial board of Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2017-2021.
    3. Associate Editor, Springer-I. S. I Series, 2018-2022.
    4. Member of the Editorial board of 'Operators and Matrices', 2010-2021.
    5. Member of the Editorial board of Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, 2012-2020

    email: srin@fulbrightmail.org, tssrkrao@gmail.com

    Webpage: https://math.snu.edu.in/people/faculty/dr-taduri-srinivasa-raohttps://math.snu.edu.in/people/faculty/dr-taduri-srinivasa-rao

    Research Interests :

    Geometry of Banach spaces, Vector Measures, Tensor Product spaces, L^1-predual theory.
    Choquet theory, Function algebras, Approximation theory.