International Conference on Quantum Probability and Related Topics
JNCASR, Jakkur, Bengaluru

August 14-17, 2010.

Slides of Talks

  • H. Araki - Joint Extension of States of Fermion Subalgebras
  • A. Barhoumi - Stochastic Heat Equation on Algebras of Generalized Functions
  • V P Belavkin - Quantum semi-Markov hemigroups, Ito modular algebras and noncommutative Girasanov transformation
  • H. Comman - Large deviation principle for periodic states of quantum spin systems
  • B K Das - Quantum stochastic analysis in Banach space
  • Biswarup Das - Exit time asymptotics for the non-commutative two torus
  • P.K. Das - Optimal Control of Two-level Quantum System with Energy Cost Functional
  • A.R. Usha Devi - Asymptotic Effciency of quantum Hypothesis Testing: The Quantum Chernoff Bound
  • Santanu Dey - Liftings of Covariant Representations of W*-Correspondences
  • F. Fagnola - Entropy Production for quantum Markov semigroups
  • U. Franz - Dilating completely positive semigroups by coactions of quantum groups
  • M. Gerhold - Additive Deformations of Hopf algebras
  • R. Gohm - Transfer Functions associated to Markov Chains
  • D. Goswami - A Trotter-Kato Product Formula for quantum stochastc flows
  • S. Hachicha - Generic Quantum Markov Semigroups with Instantaneous States
  • R. Hudson - Unitary quantum stochastic double product integrals
  • M. Izumi - Noncommutative Poisson boundaries
  • Un Cig Ji - Quantum White Noise Derivatives and Transformation
  • C. Koestler - Noncommutative independence from characters of the symmetric group
  • S. Lachs - Hopf algebras, non-commutative independences and dual groups
  • Hun Hee Lee - Hypercontractivity on the q-Araki-Woods algebras
  • J M Lindsay - Holomorphic quantum stochastic cocycles
  • M. Mukherjee - Inclusion systems and amalgamated products of product systems
  • H. Osaka - Inclusions of unital C_-algebras and the Rokhlin property
  • K.R. Parthasarathy - Quantum Cramer-Rao-Bhattacharya bounds
  • R. Quezada - Cycle representation and dynamical detailed balance for a class of GKSL generators
  • F. Radulescu - Part I Part II Berezin quantization, number theory, quantum dynamics and free probability
  • G. Ramesh - Stinespring's theorem for maps on Hilbert C*- modules
  • Lingaraj Sahu - Characterization of non stationary unitary Processes
  • R. Schott - Some applications of operator calculus on Heisenberg-Weyl algebras and orthofermions
  • M.Schurmann - Convolution Exponentials of Linear Functionals
  • A. Skalski - Quantum Levy processes on locally compact quantum groups
  • M. Skeide - Hilbert Modules -Square Roots of Positive Maps
  • B Solel - Representations of the Hardy algebra associated with a W*-correspondence
  • Joseph Spring - A Discussion on Multiparameter Quantum Stochastic Processes
  • R. Srinivasan - Toeplitz CAR flow
  • Orawan Tripak - Abstract matrix spaces and their generalisation
  • S. Valluri - D-diimensional Bose Gases and the Lambert W Function
  • S. Voss - Axiomatic Approach to Quantum Levy Processes on Dual Group
  • W. Waldenfels - Measure Theoretic Quantum White Noise
  • J. Zacharias - The Rokhlin Property and Nuclear Dimension

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