Normal Progress

As part of Ph.D. programme all students must undergo basic course-work during the first couple of semesters - which have been approved by the Monitoring Committee of the student - after which they must successfully clear a qualifying examination in order to be maintain `normal progress' for the doctoral part of the program

An ideal programme is as follows:

First two years of the JRF programme:

Semester I : Three of the core courses and one elective course.

Semester II : Two of the core courses and Two elective courses.

Semester III: Coursework (prescribed by supervisor)

Semester IV : Coursework (prescribed by supervisor)

Normal Progress : would be depend upon satisfactory performance in the courses in each semester.

Tentative supervisor: After successful completion of the first year of study, each student must, with the help of the faculty, convince a faculty member (in his/her subject) to agree to be a tentative supervisor . This tentative supervisor should initially advise the student on an appropriate `study programme' in the second year, consistent with the student's strengths and taste. This `study programme' should then be agreed upon by the monitoring committee of the student before the start of the second year's course-work.

Tentative Supervisor to Ph.D. Supervisor: In order to be eligible to continue in the program, each student must pass a qualifying examination conducted by her/his monitoring committee. This exam will be an interview and will typically judge how well the student has undergone the study programme suggested by the tentative supervisor, as well as gauge the general level of the student's preparedness for undertaking a doctoral programme.

Students of the Ph.D. programme would typically take the qualifying exam at the end of the third semester. If a student passes the qualifying exam, the report of the monitoring committee of this exam will name the future thesis supervisor of the student. If an advance student arrives in JRF first year then the monitoring committee can recommend that the student take the qualifying examination straight away.

Monitoring Commitee: Each student will be assigned a monitoring committee of faculty members as soon as (s)he enters the programme, which shall monitor his/her progress. The membership of the monitoring committee will change as the student evolves through the system.

First year: The members of the monitoring committee will be one RFAC member as convenor, one teacher from each of the two semesters of the first year and a personal adivsor.

Third semester: The members of the monitoring committee will be one RFAC member as convenor, tentative supervisor chosen by the student and the personal advisor.

Fourth Semester onwards: Once a doctoral supervisor has been identified, the committee members shall be: RFAC member and doctoral supervisor who will be responsible for normal progress.

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