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A five-day Course on "Spatial Statistical Tools in Data Processing and Analysis" is being organised during 26 - 30 November, 2012 at Systems Science and Informatics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute - Bangalore Centre. 

Enormous amount of spatial data—for various natural, anthropogenic, and socio-economic phenomena from a wide range of sources, available in continuous and discrete forms in spatial and/or temporal scales—invites a host of novel techniques to unravel meaningful spatial information. Such spatial information is useful to develop cogent spatiotemporal models. Spatial statistics offers numerous methodologies essentially drawn from the fields of mathematical morphology, geostatistics, neural networks, fuzzy set theory, rough set theory, fractal geometry and digital image processing. Of late, these spatial statistical methods received wide attention from researchers of various scientific and engineering disciplines. This course will provide the targeted audience the experience of the potential applications of spatial statistical tools in various fields with special emphasis on spatial data processing and analysis. Join us in this course as several speakers deliver lectures on methods, techniques and applications with hands-on practical sessions related to spatial data processing and analysis.