Reliability Engineering

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Training Session Topics

  1. Introduction to Reliability
  2. Basic Probability and Statistics: Concept of probability and random variable, independence, population and sample, Descriptive statistics with hands-on tutorial using Minitab
  3. Reliability: Concept and definition of reliability; calculation of system reliability, Reliability bounds
  4. Reliability Models: Failure time distribution and reliability curve. Examples of parametric models. System life and reliability. Hands-on tutorial
  5. Redundancy and Load Sharing: Series & Parallel Systems. Concepts and modelling
  6. Parametric Inference and Reliability Assessment: Illustration with exponential model and discussion of general models. Reliability estimate. Goodness of fit, Hands-on tutorial
  7. Accelerated Life Test: Example and tutorial
  8. Test Data: Censoring, grouping
  9. Stress-strength Model: Static stress and strength
  10. Poisson process and applications: Definition and results, spare part problems, replacement models, repair models, etc.
  11. Introduction to Warranty Data Analysis and Modelling
  12. Concepts of availability and Maintainability, with example

Who can attend?

Engineers/ Managers who are working in the field of design, manufacturing, software, service etc . and are interested in analyzing life data in industry