K K Chowdhury


SQC & OR Unit, Indian Statistical Institute

8th Mile, Mysore Road, Bangalore - 560 059


Mobile: 94483 72753                                                                                                                     email: kkc@isibang.ac.in

Areas of Interest / Expertise

Six Sigma, Taguchi Methods, Design of Experiments, ISO-9000/14000/ QS-9000, Reliability Engineering,TOPS, Statistics Process Control (SPC), Quality Improvment Projects, Policy Deployment, TQM, Quality Audit

Industries Served

Electronics, Heavy Engineering, Process, Foundry, Machine Tool Manufacure, Fluid Power, Stable Fibre Unit, etc

Award / Distinction:

  1. Successfully completed registered Assessor Training course of ISO-9000 (ie; ISO - 9000 lead assessor course)

  2. Successfully completed QS-9000 lead assessor course conducted by Automotive Industry Action Group.