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SQC & OR Division was founded in 1952 with the view of providing consultancy & trainng in Statistical Quality Control & Operations Research.

Over the years, SQC & OR Division has developed into one of the major consulting firms in India in the field of Quality Management. Our strengths are broad & diverse client base, the result oriented approach and seasoned, multi-disciplinary staff and associates.

Our Mission

To develop professionally competent specialists for industry,trade and administration.To impart in-plant, industrywise and general orientation, appreciation and technical training in the tools and techniques of Quality Control, Operations Research, Reliability Analysis and allied methods to workers, technologists and scientists. To undertake project studies and service assignments in all aspects relating to organisation, development, training and research in Quality Control, Operations Research and allied methods for the improvement of efficiency and national productivity, as well as the lowering of costs of goods and services. To promote quality, reliability and OR applications, development and research in the methods and procedures of quality control and allied methods.

Our Objectives Conf_Room.jpg (80698 bytes)

  1. To promote the study and dissemination of knowledge of statistics, to develop statistical theory and methods and their applications, generally with special reference to problems of planning of national development and social welfare.
  2. To undertake research in various fields of natural and social sciences, with a view to the mutual development of statistics and these sciences.
  3. To provide for and undertake the collection of information, investigations, projects and operational research for purposes of planning and improvement of efficeincy of management and production.

Our Approach: Key Elements

Our Values

  1. Deliver lasting, break through results by integrating technical / operational, cultural, customer and leadership aspects of improvements
  2. Transfer capability to customer organizations to sustain and replicate improvements, independent of consultants
  3. Deploy seasoned consultants with experience to the field
  4. Interdisciplinary team work for and with customer

Our Capabilities

  1. Knowledge base in statistical concepts and techniques
  2. Expereince in implementing improvement projects
  3. Blending theory with practice
  4. Proven techniques in change management that recognizes cultutal aspects of change
  5. A consulting process that assures knowledge transfer
  6. Committment