Collection Strength of the Library                                                   

During the period 15 september 1978 to 31 March 1979, the ISI Bangalore centre Library procured and accessioned 1300 items, including 128 items for DRTC.  During this period, 116 titles of current periodicals were subscribed for the different units of ISI Bangalore Centre other than DRTC. These titles started coming up to the library from June 1979 onwards.

The total number of periodical titles now received in the ISI Bangalore centre Library is 285 of which 30 are received free.


The Collection Strength of the Library

      Books (Total)                                 

      Bound Volumes of Periodicals      

      No. of Journals  subscribed            

      Ranganathan's Special Collection


: 29604 

: 17798

: 262

: 300

: 600


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