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Aditya Challa

Senior Research Fellow, Indian Statistical Institute

About Me

Current Position

I am currently a senior research fellow at Systems Science and Informatics unit, Indian Statistical Institute. My broad area of research is Mathematical Morphology (MM) and Machine Learning. In particular, I am interested in finding out methods to use techniques from MM in machine learning problems such as segmentation, clustering, classification, etc.

Previous positions

I did my bachelors in mathematics from Indian Statsitical Institute. Then I proceeded to pursue Masters in Complex Systems. The Masters programme is a erasmus mundus program, in which, I spent the first year at University of Gothenberg, Sweden and the second year at University of Warwick, UK.

Research Interests

Mathematical Morphology

I would like to think of Mathematical Morphology as the the study of non-linear operators for image processing. This, I believe, is the most fascinating thing about the subject. These operators are primarily defined on lattices (although there are other ways to think about it) which make weaker assumptions than the vector spaces. This makes these operators both difficult and interesting at the same time.

Machine Learning

As of writing this, there is a huge fascination about the ability to make machines learn, which in recent years have proved quite successful. However, the basics still remain elusive.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci