Professor (HAG),
Indian Statistical Institute , Bangalore centre.

Educational Qualifications:

B.Sc. Mathematics and Physics, Andhra University 1973 First Class
M.Sc. Mathematics, Andhra University 1975 First Class
Ph.d. Functional Analysis, Indian Statistical Institute 1983

Honours, Awards and Grants:

Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences.
Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship 2015-16.
Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Fellowship 2011-12.
Grant to attend ICM-2018.
A travel grant from National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) for research collaboration with L. Molnar, April 2017.
Travel grants from Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, for the Workshop and Conference `Recent Advances in Operator theory and Operator algebras, December 2016' (Professor F. Botelho as the US-PI).
A travel grant from the Outreach Lecturer Fund (OLF) by the Commission for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) in 2016.
IMU-Simons Foundation Travel grant 2014.
A travel grant from the Occasional Lecturer Fund (OLF) by the Commission for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) in 2011.
A two month Fellowship from the European Commission, Erasmus Mundus External cooperation program, India4EU, during September and October 2010 at the University of Bologna.
Senior Research Fellowship of the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bologna.
India4EU Fellowship extended to June 2011.
A travel grant from the D. S. T and support from the I. S. I to attend the 11th conference on Function theory on infinite dimensional spaces, Madrid, December 2009.
A travel grant from the IMU and a summer research grant from the NSF at University of Iowa (jointly with B. L. Lin) during August 2007.
Full support from the N. B. H. M to attend the I. C. M at Madrid, 2006.
A travel grant from the IMU and a summer research grant from the NSF at S. I. U. E (jointly with K. Jarosz) during 2004.
Principal investigator, DST - NSF project"Banach Algebra techniques and the geometry of Banach spaces" - 2001 -2004. (K. Jarosz as US - PI and P. Bandyopadhyay as co - PI).
Principal investigator of the Indo-French project (IFCPAR) "Studies in geometry of Banach spaces" 2001 - 2004. (G.Godefroy as French PI and D. Li, P. Bandyopadhyay as co-PI's.
(Adjudged as the Best Project by IFCPAR).
Co-PI of the DST-NSF project "Extremal structures in Banach spaces", 2004-07 (V. Indumathi and B.L. Lin as PI).
INSA-PAN nomination for an exchange visit- 1997.
A research grant from the CNRS of Italy and a travel grant from the IMU - 1995.
Indo-EEC Post-doctoral Fellowship - 1991.
Awarded a Gold Medal and Professor S. Meenakshisundaram prize for the performance in the M.Sc final year examinations.
Title of the Phd thesis :
The Alfsen-Effros Structure topology in the theory of complex L^1-preduals.
Thesis advisor : Professor A. K. Roy.
Phd Student: Jayanarayanan, C.R, 2013.


Recent Publications :

  1. Operators on separable $L^1$-predual space, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and applications, to appear in 2019. (Jointly with A. K. Roy).
  2. Simultaneous proximinality in spaces of Bochner integrable functions, Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization, to appear in 2018.
  3. Points of strong subdifferentiability in dual spaces, Houston Journal of Mathematics, to appear in 2018.
  4. Adjoints of operators as smooth points in spaces of compact operators, Linear and Multilinear Algebra, 66 (2018) 668-670.
  5. Weak coproximinality for Banach spaces, J. Nonlinear Funct. Anal., 13, 2017.
  6. On a theorem of Abatzoglou for operators on abstract L and M-spaces, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and its applications, 453 (2017) 1000-1004.
  7. Smooth points in spaces of operators, Linear Algebra Appl., 517 (2017) 129-133.
  8. A Cheney and Wulbert type lifting theorem in optimization, Boll Unione Mat Ital 10 (2017) 585-589.
  9. Coproximinality in spaces of Bochner integrable functions, Journal of Convex Analysis, 24 (2017) 955-958.
  10. Into isometries that preserve finite dimensional structure of the range, AMS Contemporary Mathematics 687 (2017) 219-224.
  11. Coproximinality for quotient spaces, Zeitschrift Fur Analysis und Ihre Anwendungen 36 (2017) 151-157.
  12. Simultaneously proximinal subspaces, J. Appl. Anal. , 22 (2016) 115-120.
  13. Optimization through dense sets, Bull., Belg., Math. Soc., 23 (2016) 583-594 (jointly with Jayanarayanan, C. R).
  14. On small combination of slices in Banach spaces, Extracta Mathematicae, 31 (2016) 1-10 (Jointly with S. Basu).
  15. Extremely strict ideals in Banach spaces, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci.(Math. Sci.), 126 (2016) 381-387.
  16. On almost isometric ideals in Banach spaces, Monatshefte fur Mathematik, 181 (2016) 169-176.

    From 1981 to 2015:

    1. Facial characterizations of complex Lindenstrauss spaces, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 268 (1981), 173-186. (Jointly with A. J.Ellis, A. K. Roy and U. Uttersrud).
    2. Characterizations of some classes of L^1-preduals by the Alfsen - Effros Structure topology, Israel J.Math. 42 (1982), 20-32.
    3. Isometries of A_C(K), Proc. Amer. Math.Soc. 85 (1982), 544- 46.
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    1. Member of the Editorial board, Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Mathematical Sciences.
    2. Member of the Editorial board of Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. (2018)
    3. Associate Editor, Springer-I. S. I Series, 2018-2022.
    4. Member of the Editorial board of 'Operators and Matrices'.
    5. Lead Guest Editor, `Geometry of Function spaces', Journal of Function Spaces, 2013 (Jointly with M. Martin and H. Hudzik).
    6. Guest Editor, `Functional Analysis and Operator Theory', ICM2010, Satellite Conference, Operators and Matrices, June 2012. (Jointly with Z. J. Ruan and P. Semrl)
    7. Guest Editor, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. (MathSci), 113 (2003) .
    8. Guest Editor, J. Analysis 12 (2004) (Jointly with S. Agrawal and S. H. Kulkarni).
    9. Lectures on Operator Theory, R. M. S, Lecture Notes, 2008.
    10. Perspectives in Mathematical Sciences, Statistics and Probability, World Scientific, Statistical Science and Interdisciplinary Research - Vol. 7 2009 (Jointly with M. Delampady, B. Rajeev and N. S. N. Sastry).
    11. Perspectives in Mathematical Sciences, Pure Mathematics, World Scientific, Statistical Science and Interdisciplinary Research - Vol 8. (2009) (Jointly with M. Delampady, B. Rajeev and N. S. N. Sastry).
    12. In The Matrix Mould, Expository articles by Rajendra Bhatia, ((jointly with T. Bhattacharya and Roger A Horn) Hindustan Book Agency, 2012.
    13. Problems and Recent Mathods in Operator Theory, AMS CONM 687, 2017. (Jointly with F. Botelho and R. King).


    • Into isometries of Banach spaces, Preprint 2018.
    • Bi-contractive projections on spaces of vector valued continuous functions, Preprint 2018 (Jointly with F. Botelho).
    • Geometry of spaces of operators, preprint 2017.
    • Proximinality properties for quotient spaces, Preprint 2015.
    • Relative Chebyshev centres for sums of closed subspaces, Preprint 2016.
    • Some remarks on unitaries in Banach spaces, Preprint 2003. (Jointly with S. Dutta).
    • On a new class of extreme points, Preprint 2003.
    • Some remarks on proximinality in Bochner function spaces, Preprint 1997.
    • My Mathematical reviews, A compilation of 80 reviews written for Mathematical Reviews.
    • My Zentralblatt reviews, A compilation of 310 Zentralblatt reviews (Also as Taduri S Rao).

Research Interests :

Geometry of Banach spaces, Vector Measures, Tensor Product spaces, L^1-predual theory.
Choquet theory, Function algebras, Approximation theory.

Professional and Teaching experience:

  • Junior research fellow at the I. S. I from 1975-1977.
  • Senior research fellow at the I.S.I from 1977-1981.
  • Visiting fellow at the I.S.I during 1981-1982.
  • Faculty of I. S. I Bangalore from 1-10-1985 and Professor since June 1995.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, during 1983-84.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor at the Texas A and M university, College Station, during 1984-1985.
  • C.E.C Post doctoral Fellow at the Mathematical Institute 1, Free University of Berlin during the year1990-91.
  • Visited the Agder College, Kristiansand,Norway during July 1991 and the University of Granda, Spain during November1991.
  • Visiting Associate Professor at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, during Summer term 1994
  • Visited the University of Catania,Italy during May 1995,under a bursary from the C.N.R of Italy.
  • Nominated by the Indian NationalScience Academy for an Exchange Visit to the Polish Academy of Sciences during September 1997. During this trip I visited the Institute of Mathematics at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Gave talks at the Institute of Mathematics at the University and Technical University of Wroclaw, Adam Mickiewicz University at Poznan and the University at Zielona G÷ra.
  • Visited the Institute of Mathematics 1, Free University of Berlin during the 2nd week of October 97 and May 2002 and gave a talk.
  • Visiting Professor, University of Missouri - Columbia from August 99 to May 2000.
  • Visiting Professor, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Spring 2005.
  • Attended the NSF - CBMS regional conference on Factorization of linear operators and the Geometry of Banach spaces, held at Columbia - Missouri in 1984.
  • Attended the Second Conference on Function Spaces at Edwardsville, May 1994.
  • Attended the Conference on The Interaction between Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and ProbabilityTheory at Columbia, Missouri in June 1994.
  • Attended the conference on `Analysis'held at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio during October 1999.
  • Invited speaker at the Joint India AMS Mathematics Meeting, December 2003.
  • Invited speaker at the 11th Ramanujan Symposium, March 2004.
  • Gave the first K. R Unni memorial lectures at the Department of Mathematics, Cochin University of Science and Technology on 17-11-2004.
  • Invited speaker at the ` International conference on Operator theory, Quantum Probability and Noncommutative Geometry' , I. S.I, Kolkata December 20-23 04.
  • Invited speaker at the Mid West conference on Numerical Analysis, 20-22 May 05,University of Iowa, Iowa City.
  • Invited speaker at the `International conference, Topics in Functional and Numerical Analysis', IIT, Bombay, 7-9th December 2005.
  • Invited speaker at the `Workshop and International conference on Operator theory and Operator algebras III, 12-22nd December 2005, I. S. I, Bangalore.
  • Invited speaker at the `Workshop on Functional Analysis and Fuzzy algebras, February 3-4,2006, Siddhartha College of Arts and Science, Vijayawada.
  • Invited speaker at the `Golden Jubilee Conference', IISc, 20-23 March 2006.
  • Convener of the NBHM, Advanced Instructional School on ` Harmonic Analysis and Functional Analysis', July 3rd-28th, 2006, Bangalore.
  • Attended ICM-2006 at Madrid with full support from the NBHM.
  • Invited speaker at the National Seminar on recent advances in Mathematics, Periyar University, Salem, March 12-13 2007.
  • Invited speaker at the Symposium on `Teaching of Functional Analysis', during the 22nd Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society at NIT, Surathkal, 6th June 2007.
  • Invited speaker at the International conference on Functional Analysis and its applications, 28th Nov-1st Dec 2007, at Scott Christian College, Nagercoil.
  • Convener of the NBHM workshop on Operator theory, June 11-17, 2007.
  • Member NBHM Regional Library committee.
  • Coordinator NBHM Nurture Program 2008-10.
  • Member, Organizing Committee, A conference on Perspectives in Mathematical Sciences, February 4-8, 2008, ISI Bangalore.
  • Convener NBHM, ATML on Functional Analysis, 2-13 June 2008.
  • Member, General Assembly Committee, International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) 2010.
  • Chairman, Local organizing committee, 24th Annual conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society, May11-13, 2009.
  • Convener, NBHM Workshop on Geometry of Banach spaces, June 2009.
  • Attended and gave a talk at the 11th conference on Function theory on infinite dimensional spaces, Madrid, 14-17 December 2009.
  • Visited the Department of Mathematics, University of Granada, Spain during November-December 2009.
  • Member, Organizing committee, ICM Satellite conference on `Functional Analysis and Operator theory, August 8th to 12th 2010, ISI Bangalore.
  • Attended the International Congress of Mathematicians at Hyderabad, gave a short talk, Chaired a Short talk session.
  • Visited the Department of Mathematics of the UniversitÓ degli Studi of Milano during September 2010 and gave a talk in the SAA Seminar.
  • Invited speaker at the 76th Annaul meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences in Goa, 12th to 14th November 10.
  • Gave an invited talk in the special session on `Recent advances in Analysis and operator theory' during the 76th Annual Conference of the Indian Mathematical Society in Surat, during December 27th-30th 2010.
  • Visited the Department of Mathematics at the University of Memphis in October 2011 and February 2012 and gave talks.
  • Visited the Departments of Mathematics, U. S Naval Academy and the University of Maryland, Baltimore county during November 2011 under the Occasional Lecturer Fund (OLF) of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) and gave talks.
  • Visited the Department of Mathematics at the Texas A&M University, College station, during March 2012 and gave a Colloquioum talk.
  • Attended the conference on History, Aspects and Prospects of Mathematics in India, organized by the three academies of Science in India during June 2012 and Chaired a session.
  • Invited speaker at the Analysis symposium, during the 27th Annual Meeting of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society, October 2012.
  • Member, Organizing committee of the conference, Matrices and Operators, December 2012.
  • Convener NBHM, Instructional School for Lecturers in Functional Analysis, 4-15th March 2013.
  • Member, Organizing committee, International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications (IWOTA 2013), December 16-20th, Bangalore.
  • Convener NBHM Advanced Instructional School in Operator theory, 2nd to 22nd June 2014.
  • Member, Organizing committee, I. S. I Summer school in Analysis and Probability, University of Tripura, 2015.
  • Special session on Isometries on Banach spaces, dedicated to the memory of J. Jamison, AMS Southern sectional meeting, University of Memphis, 2015. (Jointly with F. Botelho).
  • Member, organizing committee, Workshop and Conference `Recent Advances in Operator theory and Operator algebras, I. S. I, Bangalore, December 2016.
  • Invited speaker at the conference on Functional Analysis, IIT Bombay, 12-15th October 2017.
  • Invited speaker, International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications in Modeling, Jadavpur University, 9-12 January 2018.
  • Plenary Speaker, Recent trends in operator theory, May 3-5th 2018, University of Memphis.
  • Invited speaker, International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics, May 7-10th 2018, University of Memphis.
  • Invited speaker, Conference and Workshop on Analysis and applications, IIT Madras, June 18-22 2018.
  • Reviewer for Mathemaical Reviews.
  • Reviewer for Zentral Blatt.
  • Member of the American Mathematical Society.
  • Member of the European Mathematical Society (EMS).
  • Life member Ramanujan Mathematical Society.
  • Courses usually taught at the I. S. I, include, advanced courses in Analysis, Linear Algebra and Functional Analysis to the students in the Master of Statistics program of the I. S. I, B. Math, M. Math programs and to Research Scholars in the department. I have been teaching an undergraduate/graduate course and/or a research course every semester for the past 30 years.
  • I am a Mentor for the INSPIRE program of the Department of Science and technology (DST) and Volunteer lecturer of the Committee for developing countries (CDC) of the IMU.

Activities at ISI

Member of the Governing Council of the I. S. I from September 2007 to August 2011, September 2012-August 2014 and November 2015 till date.

Member, Policy, Planning and Evaluation Committe, 2014-18.

Professor-In-Charge, Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Division, Sept 2012- Aug2014.

Member, Ph.D and D. Sc committee in Mathematics, Indian Statistical Institute, 2008-2014.

Head, I. S. I Bangalore Centre, September 2007 to August 2011.

Member of the Academic Council of the I. S. I.

Member , Research Fellow Advisory Committee, 2014- till date.

Officiating Head, I S I Bangalore Centre, 1st May-July 8th, 2007.

Acting Professor-In-charge, Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Division, August-September 2007.

Member, Indian Statistical Institute.

Member Executive committee, I. S. I Karnataka Chapter, 2012-16.

Member Executive committee, I. S. I Alumni Association,2012-15.

Head of the Stat-Math Unit at Bangalore, from July 1993 to March 1995.

Member M. Math selection Committee 2003, 2007, 2009.

Member J. R. F selection committee 1989, 90,95,97,04,08,09,10(Convener),11,12, 13 (Chairman) ,14,16.

Member Research Fellow advisory committee at Bangalore, 87-90, 2001-10.

Convener of the Research Fellow advisory committee at Bangalore, 93-95.

Chairman, Computer Committee at Bangalore,2004-2008 (March), Member 2008-10.

Member Leave rule committee-2006.

Convener Platinum Jubilee Lecture Series 2007.

Member Platinum Jubilee PDF Committee 2007.


Age: 64 years.

Born in Gurazala in Andhra Pradesh.

Early education: Mostly at home, the street school (Veedhi badi) in Macherla and Z. P. H. S at Gurazala and Sesha Reddy High school at Bethamcherla .

College education: S.R.R. & C.V.R Government College, Vijayawada.

Marital status: Married with a daughter and a son.

Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Centre,

R. V. College Post,




Office:- +91 (80) 26985417.

Home:- +91 (80) 2339 9019.


+91 (80) 28484 265


tss@isibang.ac.in ,